June 20, 2021

Zemmour, the possible candidate who worries the RN

Eric Zemmour mischievously lets up the rumor, and does not fail to feed it discreetly when it weakens. The polemicist of Figaro, which records peak audiences of nearly 1 million viewers on CNews every day, will he be a candidate in the 2022 presidential election? He lets it be believed and in no way discourages his faithful, in the first rank of which Jacques Bompard, the mayor (ex-National Front) of Orange (Vaucluse), who organizes it in the shadows. At the National Rally (RN), we shrugged our shoulders for a long time. But Marine Le Pen has seen fit to come back twice this week on a candidacy “Which would serve objectively” Emmanuel Macron.

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Eric Zemmour, who will be 63 this summer, claims to be part of a Gaullist and Bonapartist tradition, but is more clearly on the far right, on a line much more radical than Marine Le Pen. He readily popularizes the thesis of the “great replacement” of the writer Renaud Camus, participated in September 2019 in the “convention of the right” organized by the friends of Marion Maréchal and was condemned three times – in 2011, for provocation racial discrimination, in 2018 and 2020, for inciting hatred towards Muslims.

For him he said it and wrote it, “Marine Le Pen has always been on the left”. Faced with his hostility, as with that of Robert Ménard, the mayor of Béziers (Hérault) elected with the support of the National Gathering, or that of Philippe de Villiers, the RN, in full strategy of “demonization” and who intends to force to free oneself from the label of the extreme right, prefers to be positive. “The more the fractures become more pronounced, the more we have to appear as a unifying force, explains Jordan Bardella, the vice-president of the party. It is a fight that we are going to wage against the most radical among us, and it is not for nothing that the extreme right hates the National Rally. “

“Maybe we have to take action”

Over the months, the hypothesis of a Zemmour candidacy in 2022 has more or less taken shape. A fundraising association for the party of “friends of Eric Zemmour” was founded in April, a list was even put together for the regional in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur by Jacques Bompard, “Honorary president of the Zemmour committees”, called “Zou! The list that gets rid of the system » and led by Valérie Laupies, former FN candidate in Tarascon (Bouches-du-Rhône). According to Politico, Eric Zemmour would also have sought a campaign manager.

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