Zachary Quinto to represent Harvard’s gay purge

Zachary Quinto will produce and star in a new audio-drama podcast that will shed light on Harvard University’s attempts to purge gay students.

The Boys in the Band star sets out to delve into queer culture with the upcoming scripted podcast series Secret Court, which tells the true story of a purge of gay students from the Harvard class of 1920.

After Harvard gay sophomore Cyril Wilcox took his own life, the university had instigated a secret tribunal run by the president and deans of the university, which was dedicated to stamping out alleged “homosexual activity” among the student population. .

The investigation, which was only uncovered in 2002, caused the university to move to purge eight students, a graduate and an assistant professor, erasing all record of their ties to Harvard and severing all association with them.

The purge came 30 years before the “Lavender Fear” of 1950, which saw the US government attempt to uncover gays who worked in the government and fire them from service.

Zachary Quinto honors the “contributions and sacrifices” of persecuted gay students.

Drafted by the scribe of the artist’s wife Abdi Nazemian and based on the research of the writer Rafael Moraes, the Secret Court will be based on documents newly discovered 100 years later, including personal correspondence found in the Harvard Archives.

Quinto said in a press release: “I am honored to lend my voice and help amplify the story of these promising young members of the LGBTQ + community, who were marginalized and left behind due to the social intolerance of their time. One hundred years Afterwards, I am grateful for their contributions and sacrifices, and I recognize that today I am on their shoulders. “

Zachary Quinto to star in new drama that will shed light on shameful The Secret Court “will let the voices of silenced men be finally heard.”

Daniel Turcan and Johnny Galvin of the Vespucci Group podcast incubator said: “We are honored to bring this true story to a contemporary audience and let the voices of young people, silenced for 100 years, finally be heard.

“On the centennial of the 1920 Harvard events, this project also provides an important opportunity to explore the ways in which we have progressed as a society, but also the places where we have fallen short in terms of queer expression and freedom.”

Alia Tavakolian from production company Spoke Media added: “This is an important story that needs to be told.

“Brigham Mosley, the creative leader, has done a brilliant job of drawing a beautiful narrative. Yes, there is tragedy and pain here, but there is also joy, happiness and inspiration.

“And we are delighted to create a piece that shows all the courage and vitality of these tremendous young people who chose to seek community and understanding despite living in a world that was trying to end their existence.”

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Zachary Quinto to represent Harvard’s gay purge