Your face sounds familiar to me: How do you know Charlie Day?

Can you hear that shrill sound that is heard in the distance? He is the voice of Charlie Day in any of his projects for film and television. If you are one of those who watch movies and series in their original version, surely it is a very familiar sound for you.

This is one of the most striking features of this peculiar scruffy-looking New York actor, but behind “La Voz” hides a little comedy earthquake that he has worked tirelessly in the last ten years, and that it sure sounds like you have seen (and heard) on multiple occasions.

Your face sounds familiar to me: How do you know Charlie Day?

1 the beginning
the beginning

Before making himself known thanks to his role in ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’, Charlie Day did like all the actors who are trying to gain a foothold in Hollywood, go through numerous television series (especially criminal investigation) with supporting and episodic roles. Perhaps his face (in its less disheveled version and without his characteristic beard) sounds familiar to you from having seen him in ‘Law and order’, ‘Guard shift’ or ‘Reno 911!’, Three series that belong to the genre in common police, nothing to do with what later has defined the actor’s career.

2 ‘Hanging in Philadelphia’
'Hanging in Philadelphia'

His career took a 180º turn with the irreverent FX sitcom ‘Colgados en Filadelfia’, where he plays Charlie Kelly, the “boy for everything” of Paddy’s, the Irish pub run by the protagonist gang. In a series that dares to do anything and that subjects its characters to the biggest bullshit, Charlie is the one who gets the worst of it. The poor man lacks a boil and borders on destitution, although from time to time he surprises with fleeting flashes of intelligence that help the gang get the chestnuts out of the fire.

Charlie is basically a man with the IQ of a five-year-old with “special needs”, and therein lies its charm. Despite its hysteria excessive and his tendency to mess up, hides a tender side, and is in his own way the most endearing character in the series. In recent seasons they have paired him with Frank, played by Danny DeVito, with whom he forms a “tall” comedic duo.

The truth is that it is easy to underestimate Day’s work in the series, since he basically dedicates himself to doing the kaffir, but from time to time he shows us what he is capable of, as in that mythical episode that parodied ‘Birdman or ( the unexpected virtue of ignorance) ‘, and in which the actor made it clear that his talent for comedy is much greater than it seems.

3 ‘How to kill your boss’
'How to kill your boss'

If Charlie Kelly is your most beloved character, the one best known to the general public is that of Dale Arbus in the blockbuster ‘How To End Your Boss’ and its sequel, ‘How To End Your Boss 2’. In both films, Day plays a timid dental assistant who is the victim of sexual harassment by her horrible boss, Julia (Jennifer Aniston). Dale is a hopeless romantic who endures Julia’s harassment without question, until with the help of two friends (Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis) who are also fed up with the treatment they receive from their respective bosses, he decides to give her a lesson. Thanks to this role, Day was confirmed as safe value of comedy USA.

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4 ‘Pacific Rim’
'Pacific Rim'

In 2013, Charlie made the leap to action cinema by being part of the cast of ‘Pacific Rim’, the blockbuster directed by Guillermo del Toro. However, the gender change did not imply a change of register, but rather the actor acted as comic relief, resorting to his usual techniques: histrionics and absurd humor. In the film, Day plays the Dr. Newton Geiszler, a biologist specialized in cryptozoology who has devoted himself to studying the behavior of kaijus. His work with Gottlieb (Burn Gorman) will be key to facing the threat of these giant monsters. We will see Day reprising the character in the sequel, ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’.

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5 ‘Holidays’

After ‘Pacific Rim’, Day was briefly seen in the adult comedy ‘Vacation’, in which she starred in a small scene. In it he played a rafting instructor who, while preparing the protagonist family to go down the river, receives a call from his fiancée, who informs him that she wants to leave him. Imagine the levels of stridency that Day reaches when lamenting the breakup.

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6 Dubbing jobs
Dubbing jobs

Of course Charlie Day’s unmistakably high-pitched voice was going to lead him down the path of dubbing. The actor has participated in several animated Hollywood productions, such as ‘Monsters University’, where he lent his voice to the flexible purple monster Art, and ‘The LEGO Movie’, where he gave life to Benny, the funny astronaut of the 80s, roles that he has taken up for several short films and video games. On the other hand, you have also been able to listen to Day in the original version of ‘Father Made in USA’, specifically in episode 8×06, where he dubbed a drug addict, Jon.

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7 ‘Saving distances’

8 Producer

Like so many other colleagues, Day has also made inroads into production. In addition to being one of the executive producers of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’, the actor has produced the sitcom ‘How to Be a Gentleman’ and the animated series ‘Unsupervised’. Unfortunately, neither project lasted more than one season on air.

9 Musician

A lesser-known facet of his career is that of a musician. In fact, Day is son of two music teachers, who instilled in him melomania since he was a child, and specifically the love for classical music. His favorite composer is Debussy and confesses to having learned to play ‘Moonlight’ with tutorials on YouTube.

When he was little, he dropped out of music classes to switch to baseball, a sport to which he devoted himself body and soul during his years in high school and university. Years later, Day took up music again, and is one of the composers of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’, for which he has written (and improvised) several songs and performed songs from the genial episodio musical ‘The Nightman Cometh’ (4×13).

10 Charlie and the waitress
Charlie and the waitress

We end with a curious fact about his personal life. Day has been married since 2004 to actress Mary Elizabeth Ellis, who plays the waitress Charlie is madly in love with in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” They met in 2001 in the crime comedy ‘Reno 911!’, Where They played two brothers who have an incestuous relationship.

Serial addicts will know him most of all for his role in the wacky and politically incorrect comedy ‘It’s Hanged in Philadelphia’, where he plays the unbalanced Charlie Kelly. But if you do not follow this long-lived FX series, it is very likely that you remember him from having seen him in some of the most successful hooligan comedies in recent North American cinema or even in a blockbuster. And it is that little by little, the actions as a secondary of Day are rising in Hollywood.

The never seen Charlie

You will know Charlie Day above all for his facet as a comic actor and the hysterical personality that he impresses on his characters, but there is more. Next we will talk about his most outstanding works, and we also reveal some surprising facts about his career and personal life.


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Your face sounds familiar to me: How do you know Charlie Day?