Wonder Woman, the queen of DC Comics

On this occasion, we are going to talk about the female characters that in recent years have gained greater strength, such as Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn thanks to their participation in the various DC Comics movies.

The lagoon experts in comics; Eduardo del Callejo, Kike Galván, Emmanuel Azuara and Florencio Zavala from the Kingdom Comics store revealed to this publishing house their top five heroines or villains of this universe. They, with the exception of Del Callejo, agreed that the mere mere will always be Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman was sculpted from magical clay from the island of Themyscira. She was brought to life by the Olympian gods. She is an ambassador for peace and justice in the modern world, but often has to put her warrior training to use.

The character first appeared in All Star Comics 8 (December 1941) and with her alter-ego (Diana Prince) in Sensation Comics number one (January 1942).

From the comics; the heroine went on to cartoons, then her own series starring Lynda Carter, and later broke into the movies as Gal Gadot. Both actresses had the characterization like a glove.

Local illustrator and designer Kike agrees with Florencio from the Kingdom Come store that Batgirl, in her Barbara Gordon alter ego is also one of DC’s key superheroines, so much so that she is already shooting her first movie and it is Leslie Grace the actress who will wear the costume.

When Batman and Robin first appeared in Gotham City, young Barbara dreamed of fighting crime alongside them. Upon finishing high school, Commissioner Gordon’s daughter became Batgirl.

In their Top 5s, Galván and Zavala mentioned Hawgirl in the alter ego of (Shiera Sanders), who was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Dennis Neville and first appeared in Flash Comics number one (January 1940).

Hawkgirl has been adapted into various media, including direct-to-video animation films, video games, and live-action and animated television series, featuring as a main or recurring character on the programs Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, The Flash, Arrow, Young Justice, DC Super Hero Girls, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

“Those of us who know about comics place Shiera very well, but I consider that the character transcended until she was seen in animated series such as Justice League Unlimited,” said Galván.

Another of the female characters that has achieved wider recognition in the last decade is Black Canary in the alter ego of Dinah Lance. Florencio included it in his Top 5 and for Eduardo it is much better in relation to Wonder Woman.

Dinah Lance fights crime under the name Black Canary, just like her mother Dinah Drake did. She is an expert in various martial arts. Her special power is the “Canary Cry”, a high-pitched sound capable of breaking objects and disorienting those who listen to it.

Florencio Zavala also mentioned Catwoman, Batman’s impossible love, whose love affair resulted in the birth of Helena Wayne Kyle, better known as The Huntress, on Earth.

For Galván, another relevant character in the DC Universe is Donna Troy. She is the original Wonder Girl and then temporarily adopts another identity, Troia. Created by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani, it first appeared in The Brave and the Bold number 60 (July 1965).

Wonder Woman, the queen of DC Comics
Lagoon comics experts confirm that the Amazon is the main heroine of this universe.

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Wonder Woman, the queen of DC Comics