August 1, 2021

“With your head held high”. And the League posted the photo

It is justice that brings the two Matteo of Italian politics together unexpectedly: Salvini and Renzi both push for “a more just justice” and do so through the referendum. It is the instrument chosen by the secretary of the League who, together with the Radicals, is sowing gazebos around Italy (also set up on the beach and on the ferries) to collect the necessary 500,000 signatures. And the leader of Italia viva espouses the cause and he signs it “with his head held high”, with a smiling face as seen in the tweet posted from the official Twitter profile of the League.

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Surrounded by cameras under the midday sun in front of the Roman headquarters of the Radicals, Renzi signs all six questions, including that on the abolition of the Severino law (on the incandiability and ineligibility of politicians in case of conviction). And he blesses the initiative as “an extraordinary instrument of pressure for Parliament to do its part”, in view of the reform of the government’s justice that is actually struggling.

The new axis from the Zan law to justice

In the new axis between the two leaders there is therefore not only the design of Zan law (both point to some decisive corrections, such as the cancellation of gender identity, to approve the text). The harmony also passes through justice. And from the referendums that demand, among other things, fast trials, certain deadlines, separation of careers, certainty of the sentence. For the two Matteo, those signatures are not an obstacle to the reform wanted by Minister Marta Cartabia. Similar comments prove this. For Salvini «reform is a first step, it is not an overall reform», He clarified in Piazza del Popolo in front of the banquets together with the members of the UDC. However, it must be defended, confirmed and added: “If the prime minister, Draghi, decides to place the trust, he will have the confidence of the League».

Renzi too assures its “full support” for the reform, while admitting: “We would have liked much more, but we are thereor”. And immediately afterwards he launches a dig at the other historical rival, the 5-star Movement, recalling that this is the party “which is giving the shoulder against justice, presenting 900 amendments to the text of the reform”. Almost a photocopy of Salvini’s words in the afternoon: “If someone presents 900 amendments to slow down the reform of the justice system, he does not love the country, he does not do the good of the country “. Then he underlines the “incredible interest and participation in the referendum, to change justice after thirty years of chatter“. And he closes euphoric: “He is signing half the world, from all political parties, from any profession, from any city or social classe».

Last updated: Wednesday 21 July 2021, 21:56