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Will Smith Updates: Will Smith’s filmography is littered with commercial hits at the box office. Regardless of his appearances in a slew of films, one of the I, Robot actor’s films that left a lasting impression on reviewers and audiences was none other than Six Degrees Of Separation.

Six Degrees Of Separation, a romantic comedy released in 1993, is one of Will Smith’s early films. Will Smith, who played Paul in the film, refused to kiss his co-star Anthony Michael Hall, who played Trent Conway in the film, minutes before the shot.

Six Degrees Of Separation, directed by Fred Schepisi, is an intriguing film about the lives of such an art dealer couple and an African-American man. Will Smith’s character, Paul, was required to kiss his co-star Anthony Michael Hall’s screen character Trent in a pivotal sequence in the film. Smith was originally unafraid to leave the scene, but minutes before he did, he changed his mind.

Will Smith did this, according to IMDb, because he believed that kissing a man on screen would create a negative image of him and would further disrupt his career. The kissing sequence in Six Degrees of Separation was eventually recorded using a camera technique that only shows the performers’ ‘behind of heads’ in that frame.

What Will Smith Said About the Saying No?


Will Smith claims that he made this decision because his buddy and famous Hollywood figure Denzel Washington advised him not to kiss a guy on-screen because it would send the incorrect message to other filmmakers and, as a result, jeopardize his career. Denzel’s remarks had a significant impact on Smith’s choice.

The Wild Wild West star then claimed in an interview with a renowned entertainment portal that he now regrets his decision. In fact, he believes that thinking like that when he was younger was immature.

On the professional front, Will Smith will next be seen in the main role of King Richard, a Hollywood biographical picture. King Richard, directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, is set to hit theatres in 2021.

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Will Smith Refused To Kiss A Co-Star In the Movie- Daily Research Plot – nonenglishfeed