August 1, 2021

why vaccination is at a peak among nurses and caregivers

Olivier Véran launched, Thursday, June 17, a “solemn appeal” to caregivers, in particular in accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people (Ehpad), to be vaccinated. The Minister of Health also urged hospital staff.

According to a document from the Assistance publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) to which The world had access, a large part of the nursing staff has still not been vaccinated. With a growing gap between doctors, where vaccination coverage is very advanced, and nurses and caregivers, where it is stagnating at a low level.

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The rate of the first injection is almost single to double: 91% of the medical staff (21,730 doctors, internal and external) of the AP-HP have received at least one dose since 1is January, according to this dashboard stopped on June 11, against 54% of the so-called non-medical staff (58,297 nurses, nursing assistants, rehabilitation, medico-technical or socio-educational staff, etc.). The same difference is found when taking into account the complete vaccination rate: 68% against 37%.

At the AP-HP, it is said to have identified very early “Targets particularly difficult to reach”, and relentlessly developed the “Communication on vaccines, under the axis of transparency, and discussions in the services to remove reluctance”.

” A ceiling “

In some establishments, however, according to the barometer of the institution, which has around forty hospitals, the rate of complete vaccination appears particularly low, all professions combined, and even more so in the category of non-medical personnel: 11% of people vaccinated in René -Muret (Seine-Saint-Denis), 10% in Vaugirard-Gabriel-Pallez (Paris), 8% in Paul-Doumer (Oise)…

At the direction of Paul-Doumer, which has a geriatric unit, these figures are nevertheless put into perspective. At the level of the establishment, “We are at 161 professionals, out of 370, completely vaccinated”, we say. That is 43% of nursing staff, all professions combined (doctors and paramedics). Much more than the 14% shown on the AP-HP document, even if this remains below the average of 48% reached in full vaccination at the AP-HP scale.

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For the management of the Oise hospital, the difference is explained by the failure to take into account staff who have been vaccinated outside the institution, in the center managed by the neighboring municipality of Liancourt. The AP-HP dashboard does not count the personnel vaccinated outside its walls, in centers or with general practitioners.

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