August 3, 2021

“Who is not vaccinated does not come to church”

They do argue the words of don Pasquale Giordano, parish priest of the Mater Ecclesiae church of Bernalda, in the province of Matera, which warned against participating in the mass if not vaccinated.

In Bernalda, a municipality of 12 thousand residents that includes the marine fraction of Metaponto, there are currently 37 positive ones, 4 of which are hospitalized. Just to stem the spread of the infection, one is about to begin vaccination campaign and swab controls. “Given the spread of the infection from Covid-19, I strongly urge, especially children and young people, to carry out the verification swab and to join the vaccination campaign – wrote the parish priest on Facebook – which will be held in the coming days. For access to the church and parish spaces, a recent swab or vaccine is welcome. To ensure safety for the most fragile people who attend the Church, I kindly ask those who have no intention of swabbing or vaccinating themselves to refrain from coming to the parish. It is Christian charity to protect one’s health and that of others“. Words that have triggered numerous reactions, from the comments of approval of the parishioners to those of a very different tenor, written mainly by people who are not local, who accuse him of alienating people or wanting to impose the health dictatorship also in church.

“I’m serene, mine is an exhortation to get vaccinated,” says Don Pasquale Giordano to the Adnkronos. «My message is to protect fragile people – he adds – and among these there are mainly those who are not vaccinated. I wanted to invite the community to join the campaign organized by the authorities, making my own the concerns that are felt in Bernalda these days. I believe that my words have not been correctly interpreted, which is why many are writing. I certainly don’t respond to insults. I read somewhere – he explains – that my words are against those who have not been vaccinated or do not swab. This is not the case, indeed it is precisely to protect those who are not vaccinated, therefore they are more fragile, that I wrote the message “.

Last updated: Thursday 22 July 2021, 09:17