Who from The Suicide Squad could appear in Peacemaker?

James Gunn mentioned that the series of Peacemaker will feature the surprise appearance of someone we saw in The Suicide Squad, who is he talking about?

Peacemaker will have its own series in HBO MAX and we are getting closer to its premiere. So far it is known that the program will follow the same tone of the film and will delve more deeply into the personality of the villain played by John Cena.

Plot details are scant but recently the director James Gunn mentioned in his account Twitter that the series will feature the surprise appearance of a character we already know who appeared in The suicide Squad, so in Out of focus we theorize about who and why should participate in the series.

Amanda Waller

John Economos says in the post-credit scene that the new mission with Peacemaker It’s kind of revenge for what happened in the offices, so there are certainly rough edges that have not yet been resolved and it would be interesting to see how they develop on screen during the series of the character of John Cena. It would also be great to see Viola Davis play the character one more time, as we could hope that she continues to be involved in other projects of DC Comics.

Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn

A somewhat risky and unlikely option given the minimal screen time that both characters actually share. Yet the fact of bringing back Margot Robbie in his iconic role, considering that Jurnee Smollett will return to play Black canary in his own film directed at HBO Max, would open the door to the creation of more stories from the Birds of prey on the platform.

In addition, Robbie recently assured that she does not want to take a break from the character, which indicates that there is still an opportunity to see her in future DC projects, and it would certainly be nice to see her in the project that promises to reinvent the kind of superhero stories she tells DC Comics.

Suicide Squad

Rick Flag

James Guun stated that in the Peacemaker series we will see events that happened before and after The Suicide Squad, so it is possible that we can see the character of Joel Kinnaman back on screen, this through flashbacks that explain how he helped Waller to form the new Suicide Squad. Or it could even be an important part of the story of the characters, who have to face the consequences of their death.

If this were to come true, the series could even delve further into the rivalry between the two protagonists, and discuss the blind patriotism of Peacemaker to the point that the same character from John Cena question your questions.

Suicide Squad


The rivalry between Peacemaker and the character played by Idris Elba | is one of the most interesting aspects of The Suicide Squad -beyond their competition to glimpse who has better skills-, since symbolically the final encounter between the two reflects the ideological duel between someone who opts for empathy as a way to change the world (Bloodsport gracias a Ratcatcher 2) and someone who, to achieve the same end, opts for violence.

So it would be interesting to tell a glimpse of this ideological conflict in the series of Peacemaker, although it seems complicated that a renowned actor like Idris Elba | make your appearance in the series.

Suicide Squad


In the first minutes of the film we witnessed the death of the first team that sent Amanda Waller a Short Maltese. However, thanks to a post-credits scene in the film, it was confirmed that Weasel he did not die drowned in the sea.

The weasel with very strange behavior and a tendency to kill children, did not have the opportunity to appear on the screen for a long time and knowing more about his personality would be interesting for the fans. What’s more Peacemaker and the creature are not officially known and could form a particular team.

Suicide Squad
Moviegoers and moviegoers, which Suicide Squad character would you like to see in the series of Peacemaker?

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Who from The Suicide Squad could appear in Peacemaker?