June 18, 2021

What happened on September 6?

On a day like today, September 6, 1522, Juan Sebastian Elcano arrives in Sanlúcar de Barrameda after completing the first round the world. The Basque sailor returns with a single ship and 18 men, and after passing through Sanlúcar, he arrives in Seville, ending the expedition that he had begun with Ferdinand of Magellan on August 10, 1519.

Centuries later, also a September 6, is celebrated in the United Kingdom the multitudinous funeral by Princess Diana of Wales, died in a traffic accident in Paris on August 31, 1997. More than a million people accompany family and friends in the small ceremony that took place at Westminster Abbey. You want to know more? See below all ephemeris of September 6.

What happened on September 6?

In Spain

Miguel Primo de Rivera

1522: Juan Sebastián Elcano arrives in Sanlúcar de Barrameda after going around the world for the first time.
1564: A group of Spanish soldiers under the command of García Álvarez de Toledo conquers the Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera, which was occupied by pirates from North Africa.
1593: Gregorio Céspedes, priest, disembarks in Korea and becomes the first Westerner to set foot in the country.
1724: Felipe V returns to occupy the throne after the death of his son Luis (who only reigned seven and a half months).
1755: Algeciras City Council is founded.
1926: Miguel Primo de Rivera dissolves the artillery weapon before the continuous indiscipline manifested by artillery chiefs and officers.
1932: The Courts approve the abolition of life imprisonment in the reform of the Penal Code.
1956: The film Calle Mayor, directed by Juan Antonio Bardem and starring Betsy Blair and José Suárez, premieres at the Venice Film Festival.
1976: Presentation in Madrid of the Front for the Liberation of Women.

In the world

September 6
Funeral for Princess Diana of Wales

1492: Christopher Columbus sails to La Gomera, the last port before his crossing through the Atlantic Ocean.
1499: Américo Vespucio and Alonso de Ojeda arrive on the island of Bonaire, known today as the Dutch Bonaire.
1620: The Mayflower ship with a group of pilgrims sets sail from Plymouth (England) to settle in North America.
1901: The president of the United States William Mac Kinley suffers an attack, and dies days later.
1911: Burgess, a swimmer from Yorkshire, crosses the English Channel between Calais and Dover (35 km) and sets a new record of 22 hours and 35 minutes.
1919: The National Assembly authorizes the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in Austria.
1939: In the framework of World War II, South Africa declares war on Germany.
1941: The Nazis force the Star of David to be worn with the word “Jew” inscribed on all Jews from 6 years of age in German-occupied areas.
1948: In the Netherlands Queen Juliana ascended to the throne.
1954: Australia, the United States, the Philippines, France, New Zealand, Pakistan, the United Kingdom and Thailand sign the constitution treaty of the Southeast Asian Treaty Organization.
1968: Swaziland becomes independent from the British Empire and becomes a dictatorial monarchy under the tyrant Sobhuza II.
1970: Yasir Arafat is appointed general-in-chief of the Palestinian revolutionary forces.
1982: Several floods in India cause more than 400 deaths and a million victims.
1983: In Chile there are demonstrations against the ten years of the regime of the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, with the result of 11 deaths, 25 wounded and 200 arrested.
1991: Mikhail Gorbachev recognizes the independence of the Baltic republics (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia) in Russia.
1991: Saint Petersburg recovers its name (since 1924 it was called Leningrad).
1997: The funeral of Princess Diana of Wales is held in London, attended by a million people.
2002: The Second Congo War ends after signing in the city of Luanda, the peace treaty between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda.
2005: The first homosexual marriage is recognized in California.
2007: Israel bombs the civilian population of Deir ez-Zor in Syria because they suspected there were nuclear materials from North Korea.
2009: A flood in Tlalnepantla and Atizapán (State of Mexico) damages 2000 families.
2017: Pope Francis makes a visit to Colombia between September 6 and 10.

Who was born on September 6?

In Spain

September 6
Paul Naschy

1776: José María de Orbe y Elío, military and politician
1806: Juan Eugenio Hartzenbusch, writer
1875: Leonardo de la Peña Díaz, surgeon
1885: Eugenio Noel, writer
1896: Felipe Acedo Colunga, politician
1921: Carmen Laforet, writer
1925: Ángel González, Spanish poet
1933: Juliana-Luisa González Hurtado, researcher
1934: Paul Naschy, actor and director
1936: Francisco Frutos, politician
1937: Sergio Aragonés, illustrator and writer
1941: María Luisa Merlo, actress
1948: Karlos Arguiñano, cook
1966: Gabino Diego, Actor

In the world

September 6
Roger Waters

1729: Moses Mendelssohn, German philosopher
1766: John Dalton, British scientist
1795: Frances Wright, British writer
1860: Jane Addams, American sociologist and Nobel Peace Prize winner
1876: John James Richard Macleod, British physician and Nobel laureate in medicine
1889: Sarat Chandra Bose, Indian lawyer, Indian independence activist
1906: Luis Federico Leloir, Argentine researcher, Nobel Prize in Chemistry
1925: Jimmy Reed, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1939: Susumu Tonegawa, Japanese biologist, Nobel laureate in physiology and medicine
1943: Roger Waters, British bassist and songwriter, of the band Pink Floyd
1962: Kevin Willis, American basketball player
1964: Sergio Lapegüe, Argentine television and radio journalist
1964: Rosie Perez, American actress, filmmaker and choreographer
1971: Dolores O’Riordan, Irish singer, from the band The Cranberries
1972: Idris Elba, British actor.
1974: Tim Henman, British tennis player
1974: Nina Persson, Swedish singer of the band The Cardigans
1979: Foxy Brown, rapera estadounidense
1980: Jillian Fletcher, American professional wrestler
1981: Santiago Salcedo, Paraguayan footballer
1990: John Wall, American basketball player
1993: Mattia Valoti, Italian futbolist
1996: Rika Hongo, Japanese figure skater
2006: Hisahito, a member of the Japanese imperial family.

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Who died on September 6?

In Spain

September 6
Enrique de la Mata

1839: Vicente González Moreno, military
1885: Narciso Monturiol, inventor of the first manned submarine with a combustion engine
1936: José Manuel Aizpurúa, architect
1938: Alfonso de Borbón, aristocrat
1939: Cayetano Martínez Artés, politician
1972: Luis Martínez de Irujo y Artázcoz, aristocrat
1987: Enrique de la Mata, politician
1997: Salvador Artigas, footballer and coach
2007: Pablo Sorozábal Serrano, translator, writer and composer
2009: Julio de Benito, journalist

In the world

September 6th
Luciano Pavarotti.

394: Eugene, Roman Emperor
926: To Bao Ji, Emperor of China
972: Juan XIII, papa italiano
1967: Lester Barlow, inventor of explosives and American pilot
1969: Arthur Friedenreich, Brazilian footballer
1972: Allauddin Khan, Indian multi-instrumentalist and composer
1981: Lucas Demare, Argentine filmmaker
1984: Ernest Tubb, American singer and guitarist
1988: Jaime Manuel Fernández González, Dominican politician
1990: Tom Fogerty, American musician
1992: Roberto Grela, Argentine tango guitarist and composer
1998: Akira Kurosawa, Japanese filmmaker
2005: Hasan Abidi, Pakistani journalist, poet and political activist
2007: Luciano Pavarotti, Italian tenor
2012: Bertil Norström, actor sueco

What is celebrated on September 6?

Moors and Christians
National Day of Public Relations in Argentina
National Circus Day in Chile