June 20, 2021

What happened on August 30?

On a day like today August 30 1967, following the appointment of President Johnson of Thurgood Marshall as the first African American on the Supreme Court on June 13. The Senate confirms his appointment as first black Supreme Court judge.

Years later, the August 30 from 1982, after the invasion by Israeli forces 3 months ago in an attempt to wipe out the Palestinian guerrilla bases that have threatened and attacked Israel, the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Yasser Arafat it was forced to leave its headquarters in Beirut. You want to know more? Find out what happened on August 30.

What happened on August 30?

In Spain

Susana diaz

1282: In the town of Trápani, the Aragonese king Pedro III disembarks his army of Almogávares.
1483: The Catholic Monarchs recognize and expand the Luliana University on the island of Mallorca.
1521: The last emperor Cuauhtémoc is taken prisoner by Hernán Cortés and with it the Aztec empire is officially defeated.
[1945: The Mexican Government recognizes the Government of the Spanish Republic (in exile due to the Franco dictatorship).
1961: Ladislao Kubala retires as a soccer player.
1985: The young bullfighter José Cubero «Yiyo» dies in Colmenar Viejo, Madrid.
2008: Arnaldo Otegi is released from prison, after serving a 15-month sentence for a crime of glorifying terrorism.
2012: The judge of Penitentiary Surveillance, José Luis Castro, grants the freedom to Josu Uribetxebarria Bolinaga from ETA.
2013: The Andalusian Parliament proposes Susana Díaz as president of the Board.

In the world

August 30
Fanni Kaplan

1879: Thomas A. Edison introduces his first telephone set.
1918: In the Soviet Union, Fanni Kaplán shoots Lenin after a speech in Moscow. As a result, the Council of People’s Commissars initiates the so-called Red Terror in early September.
1926: German swimmer Ernst Vierkotter crosses the English Channel in the record time of 12 hours and 42 minutes.
1975In Peru, after yesterday overthrowing the coup general Juan Velasco Alvarado, the also coup general Francisco Morales Bermúdez proclaims himself president.
1984: in Cape Canaveral (United States), NASA launches the space shuttle Discovery.
1987: Canadian athlete Ben Johnson becomes the fastest man in the world, setting a mark of 9.83 seconds in the 100-meter freestyle in Rome.
1991: Azerbaijan becomes independent from the Soviet Union.
1992: At the Spa-Francorchamps circuit (in Belgium), Michael Schumacher achieved his first victory in Formula 1.
1993: in Casablanca (Morocco) King Hassan II inaugurates the Hassan II mosque, the largest after Mecca.
1995: Operation Deliberate Force begins, in which Bosnia and Herzegovina is bombed to fight the Army of the Republika Srpska.
1996: In Putumayo (Colombia), the FARC guerrillas take the Las Delicias military base in Puerto Leguízamo, leaving 28 soldiers dead, 16 wounded and 60 kidnapped.
1999: 95% of the population of East Timor, occupied by Indonesia, vote for independence.
2005: in Pereira (Colombia) the Lucy Tejada Cultural Center is inaugurated.
2012: In Hualien County, Taiwan, the Britten-Norman Islander accident occurred in Taiwan in 2012

Who was born on August 30?

In Spain

August 30
Jose Luis Pécker

1913: Diego Cháfer, cyclist.
1927: José Luis Pécker, journalist and radio host.
1939: Carmen Rico Godoy, journalist.
1953: María Luisa Carcedo, politician.
1960: Jabier Muguruza, musician.
1974: Ricardo and Javier Otxoa, cyclists.
1978: Verónica Moral, actress.
1988: Víctor Claver, basketball player.
1993: Paco Alcácer, footballer.

In the world

August 30
Cameron Diaz

1908: Fred MacMurray, American actor.
1912: Nancy Wake, New Zealander who acted as a British agent in World War II.
1913: Richard Stone, British economist.
1918: Ted Williams, American baseball player.
1919: Kitty Wells, American singer.
1930: Warren Buffett, American financier.
1935: John Phillips, American musician, from the band The Mamas & the Papas.
1937: Bruce McLaren, New Zealand racing car designer, driver and engineer.
1939: John Peel, British broadcaster and journalist.
1943: Robert Crumb, American cartoonist.
1947: Peggy Lipton, American film actress.
1951: Timothy Bottoms, American actor and producer.
1953: Robert Parish, American basketball player.
1963: Michael Chiklis, actor estadounidense.
1963: Paul Oakenfold, British DJ and musician.
1971: Mizuki Kawashita, Japanese mangaka and cartoonist.
1972: Cameron Diaz, American actress.
1977: Shaun Alexander, American football player.
1978: Swizz Beatz, American rapper and producer.
1980: Angel Coulby, British actress.
1981: Adam Wainwright, American baseball player.
1981: Grégory Béranger, French footballer.
1982: Andy Roddick, American tennis player.
1985: Richard Duffy, Welsh footballer.
1986: Ryan Ross, American guitarist, singer and songwriter.
1989: Bebe Rexha, American singer.
1993: Geraldine Galván, Mexican actress.

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Who died on August 30?

In Spain

August 30
José Luis de Vilallonga

2005: Antoni Clavé, painter.
2007: José Luis de Vilallonga, aristocrat, actor, writer and journalist.
2008: Vicente Marco, journalist.
2008: Ernesto Segura de Luna, lawyer, former president of the Spanish Basketball Federation.
2010: Manuel Urbina, painter.
2012: Bernardo Bonezzi, composer.
2012: Carlos Larrañaga, actor.
2013: Manuel Martín Ferrand, journalist.

In the world

August 30
Wes Craven

1970: Abraham Zapruder, Russian-American citizen who filmed the Kennedy assassination.
1979: Jean Seberg, American actress.
1981: Vera-Ellen, American actress.
1991: Jean Tinguely, Swiss painter and sculptor.
1994: Lindsay Anderson, Indian-born British writer and filmmaker.
1995: Sterling Morrison, American guitarist, of the band The Velvet Underground.
2002: J. Lee Thompson, British filmmaker.
2003: Charles Bronson, American actor.
2006: Glenn Ford, actor canadiense.
2010: Alain Corneau, French actor, screenwriter and filmmaker.
2013: Seamus Heaney, Irish writer and academic, 1995 Nobel Prize Winner for literature.
2015: Oliver Sacks, Anglo-American neurologist and writer.
2015: Wes Craven, film director.

What is celebrated on August 30?

August 30
International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearance

International Day of the Victims of Forced Disappearances.