Wedding Night Review: Recommended Horror Movie

The movie Wedding Night is what a good fantastic film festival needs to satisfy its attendees: Black humor, blood, action, charismatic characters and a protagonist who is passing Cain’s while the plot develops very little politically correct. If you are a lover of the horror genre, discover why you should not miss it in the Wedding Night review.

Synopsis of Wedding night

A couple of lovebirds are about to get married. With the bride and groom dressed in their respective ceremonial outfits, it soon becomes clear that Alex’s (Mark O’Brien) family seems a bit wary of admitting a girl like Grace (Samara Weaving) into their wealthy lineage. Alex also does not hide the fact that her adorable family (on the other end) has something of annoyance to her, something that all new spouses suffer.

Things get much stranger when, on their wedding night, Grace and the whole family must play a game chosen at random using the card the bride draws from a mysterious box.

Movie review Wedding night

Oh my God. For what you want most on earth. Completely evade the trailer for Wedding night! The movie has a few hilarious punches of need that are obviously ruthlessly gutted in the trailer. Do not see it! Remember that on our website we hate the disclosure of movie content (Yes, spoilers). In addition, the assembly of the trailer does not include all the bad blood that the film has.

What is Wedding Night about?

The film introduces us to a very wealthy family who have made their fortune thanks to their board game emporium. The family in question seems quite tempered, dry, very unfriendly, it gives the feeling that they do not want their fortune to be shared with the bride.

Actually, the viewer already knows that everything is due to the strange game in which everyone will participate: A hiding place as they say in Spain. More clues gives the original title of Bloody Wedding (Ready or not), since translated is “prepared or not”, which is what is said before going in search of who should hide. It goes without saying that the bride will have to face a hiding place where if she is found, her life will be taken from her.

A recommended horror movie

Criticism of Wedding night it can only be positive. It does not matter how many times we have seen this type of proposal in recent years, it does not matter that we are saturated with the slasher horror genre, it does not matter that once again, the wealthy class is portrayed as people outside reality loaded with superficiality. Well, on this last point, reality is stranger than fiction once again.

The Lovely Family on Wedding Night Movie Critic

Despite his participation in various horror festivals such as Sitges, Wedding night tiptoed past commercial billboards in cinemas. Now, thanks to digital distribution platforms such as Movistar +, we have the option of enjoying it on the screen that we like the most. Of course, it is a pity not to have it on the big screen, but as things are going in the global pandemic, we are going to have to get used to this.

Wedding night It has everything a fan of the horror genre could want: Bad milk, very unexpected black humor hits (as long as you don’t see the trailer, I remember), very charismatic and elegantly stereotyped characters, with the right dose of violence and without skimping in blood. As I said, he does not discover anything new, but all the elements he uses, he handles them in an exceptional way, resulting in a funniest movie.

The direction of Radio Silence

The trio of producers known as “Radio Silence” and formed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett and Chad Villella, became known thanks to their segment in the VHS film. This film, made up of a few horror stories, served as a springboard to make “The Devil’s Heir” (2014) and Bloody Night (2019), both directed by Tyler Gillett and Chad Villella while the third, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, he stays with the position of producer (director in the shade, let’s go).

The fact is that this trio of colleagues have very good management taste. They know how to maintain a proper rhythm and place the camera where it needs to be to keep the viewer alert. In fact, they play very well with composition to lead us to a review of the classic genre in and out of that spectacular mansion.

The Bride on Wedding Night Looking for a Hideout Movie Critic

The script

The screenwriters Guy Busick and R. Christopher Murphy (Castle Rock 2018), achieve agile, funny and scathing dialogues. They give the characters a lot of bad grape and a simple but interesting background. As I have already commented before in the Wedding Night review, these characters are very stereotyped but they work perfectly within the crazy plot.

Guy Busik and R. Christopher Murphy They know how to keep the audience’s attention from beginning to end, surrounding the game of yore with a great mystery. This will make us ask the viewer the following questions, why the hell do they have to play this game? Why on the wedding night? Are they obligated or is it just for fun? Are they all natural killers? Where is the trick?

Little by little, these questions will be answered until the final big reveal. An ending, which to my taste, is very up to the task, because how could a movie end in which a hide-and-seek is played with a girlfriend who must be murdered? I leave it there.

Nicky Guadagni is the “lovely” Aunt Helene on Wedding Night


Smara Weaving, niece of Hugo Weaving, the mythical Mr. Smith from the Matrix, shines with her own light in each of the productions in which she participates. He could have been pigeonholed as the typical pretty face, but with each of his jobs he shows that he has no qualms about getting muddy up to his eyebrows participating in films like The Baybsitter (2017), Guns Akimbo (2019), Three advertisements on the outskirts (2017) or series like Ash vs Evil Dead (2016). With each of his interventions he shows that he has a more than successful predilection for the horror / action genre and for uncomfortable characters.

In the rest of the cast we will find the mythical Andie MacDowell (Magic Mike XXL 2015 in the role of mother-in-law, to Henry Czerny (Mission Impossible 1996) as head of the family in charge of keeping the tradition, Melanie Scrofano (Robocop 2014) as the groom’s sister up to his eyebrows, Kristian Bruun (The Handmaid’s Tale 2017) as the frivolous husband of the previous , Nicky Guadagni (Cube 1997) as the unforgettable “revenged” aunt Helene, Adam Brody (The OC) as the groom’s brother and Elyse Levesque (Orphan Black) as the icy wife of the previous one.

The entire cast is fantastic in their particular role. Special mention for the charismatic character of Aunt Helene. He is the typical stale, dry, tempered character, who gives a very bad feeling from the moment he appears on the scene but you are wanting to see his reaction at all times. All of them will make the movie a great comedy.

Final opinion of Wedding night

As I have been insisting throughout the criticism of Wedding Night, it is a film more than recommended for lovers of the horror genre and the slasher. It’s everything you could ask for from a horror or fantasy film festival. Of course, I also recommend it to all those who do not tolerate this type of cinema. Although yes, you have to be in favor of the hooligan touch that exudes with each scene.

Wedding night is very entertaining, really.


Entertaining from start to finish.

A very crazy idea that works.

The aesthetics of the film, the stereotyped characters, the bad blood of the script.


That it didn’t get the hype it deserves at the time.

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Wedding Night Review: Recommended Horror Movie