August 3, 2021

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When to move your child from a crib to a “queen’s bed”? What to do to make it go well? What if this was the opportunity to make our child grow up? CPMHK readers are full of good ideas to make this change happy!

For information, the bed change is generally between 1 year and a half and 3 years, depending on the families.

No problem switching from one to the other if you opt for the large Montessori bed from the start!

Marie Madeleine : “We never put him in a crib! Like that, no passage from one to the other… reads Montessori from the start. And we are delighted! You can tell stories lying next to him, he gets up all alone in the morning to get a book or his glass of water. ”

-> Good to know: you will find everything you need to know about the Montessori bed in this article.

When a little brother or a little sister will arrive, it is better to anticipate!

Audrey: “We set up our son’s big bed when I was 4 months pregnant, in anticipation of getting the crib for his little sister, and so that he wouldn’t feel like his sister. “steals” it ”.

-> Good idea ! By anticipating, we avoid the feeling to the child of being dispossessed for the benefit of the new baby. And we take the opportunity to celebrate the fact that he / she has grown up.

Obviously, it is possible to make a transition

Aurelie : “We first removed the bars on one side of the bed, and stuck a bolster to prevent possible falls, as well as a mattress on the floor”.

Amandine: “Here, we removed one side of the crib and put a small removable barrier. So it was the same bed but just one side less. A little later (a few weeks), he was offered to buy a queen-size bed. ”

-> The bed with removable bars (convertible bed) can be a good alternative, but attention however: it may be more difficult to sleep in a crib without bars than in a queen-size bed because the child has less room and can fall more easily.

Especially keep the two beds for a period!

Audrey: “We wanted to give him the 2 beds as long as he wanted with the choice each evening… From the first evening, he never wanted to go back to his little bed again :-)”

-> Leaving him the choice allows involve him and let him do it at his own pace (there is no point in forcing if he / she is not ready). Also, if it forces you to get up all the time and it’s exhausting you, you can always go back.

Watch out for falls!

As when removing the bars of the cot, it is possible to first put a barrier – very practical – on the side of the double bed. Otherwise, don’t forget to put pillows. It is the kind of stupid accident that it is better to avoid… At home, we have opted for a trundle bed: we open the drawer, like that, if it falls, it is on the second mattress!

A tip to prevent him from getting stuck under his duvet

Nanou: “The bed change took place a little before the arrival of number 2. Everything was fine, but overnight he started to whine at night. We asked ourselves billions of questions… But in fact, he was just cold! Verbaudet’s “Ready to sleep” kit, to prevent it from being discovered at night, saved us! It is a zipped duvet on each side. Like that, the child can neither fall nor uncover himself. ”

Sometimes when bedtime goes badly, a change of bed can be a solution!

Laura: “Here, around 2 years old, the sunsets and the nights were quite difficult. We put a large double mattress on the floor in one corner, and a safety gate on the other side. Little by little, it went better. “

-> Upgrading to a double bed is also a strong signal for the child : you grow up, my little one! Sometimes our children need to feel that they are progressing, and moving to a big bed is with them. It can do them good and make it easier to sleep and sleep.

But sometimes, despite our efforts, despite the atmosphere, the listening, or the new bed, it happens that bedtime remains a difficult stage … Our child asks us for yet another story. He gets up again, doesn’t seem in the least bit tired, or worse, impossible to leave the bedroom without starting to cry. To help you, I suggest you send you other keys to put an end to difficult sunsets, thanks to ” PACK SUPER DODO : Awake tips for sleep and bedtime ”! To receive it, it’s super simple: iEnter your email in the box below, and find them in your email box (it’s free)

We can take the opportunity to enhance it!

Lalou: “My son’s bed was transformable, from a crib to a large one… We therefore transformed the bed on a Saturday morning with him, and I explained to him that he was entitled to a double bed now, that he had deserved it. The fact that it was presented that way made him feel great, and he was very proud to go to sleep! ”

-> Nice idea! As always, let’s not forget to bebe specific about what he can be proud of : “At the moment, we think you’ve grown a lot car in the morning you help us more and more by putting on your shoes and brushing your teeth on your own, and we said to ourselves that you could be proud of yourself for having taken on so much responsibility. It deserves to spend the big bed! What do you think ? “

Involve him in setting up the large bed

Caroline : « I bought a convertible bed that I was able to install in place of the crib … my 2 year old daughter loved “helping” to assemble it and had no problem changing the bed. “

-> To help our child adapt / get used to the change in his / her habits, let’s make it actor of this evolution !

Celebrate the change of bed by redesigning the room!

Muriel : “Here, when we made the transition for our daughter, we rearranged her bedroom (changed the bed, added a new nightlight, put a garland, changed the curtains, added toy boxes, a height chart, put pictures … ). We moved to a “queen” bed with a barrier and discussed it with her. The idea was to promote her as “great”. “

Pauline : “We made a Montessori-type cabin bed with a mattress on the floor. We made his bedroom in a new room. Suddenly, she asked us to change beds as soon as the new room was ready and everything went very well.

-> Take advantage of it for review the decor, and creating a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom, is a good way to anticipate future repetitive sunsets. Because the more the child will feel good in his room, the less he will be encouraged to go and see if it is better in the living room 😉

A big thank you to all for your many good ideas and tips, it’s always a great source of inspiration.