WandaVision: Evan Peters reveals that the idea for his character was Kevin Feige

Something that identified WandaVision – 95%, which would mean the debut of the television series belonging to the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney Plus, was the whole turn that was given to the style that Marvel Studios had been managing for years where, in addition to exploring life and emotions faced by the protagonists (Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany), it also meant the arrival and return of other characters in strange ways.

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Every detail used in WandaVision generated endless theories, some of them would generate controversial conversations about the tone of the characters or even their handling within the story, as well as the expectations that were created in the public. Perhaps the most shocking moment in the series was Pietro’s return after his death in Avengers: Age of Ultron – 75%, more because it was a new face within the MCU putting aside the version of Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

This time the character was played by Evan Peters, and the truth is that there was a clever plan there to raise expectations, especially because the actor played Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past – 91%. The theories about the beginning of the multiverse and the arrival of the mutants to the MCU did not wait, however, it would be no more than a lucky coincidence since in the end the viewer found out that he was only an unemployed actor hired by Agnes (Kathryn Hahn ) to destabilize Wanda.

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Despite how disappointing it was for many that Pietro had nothing to do with the X-Men, the impact of Peters was quite positive and it is he himself who thanks Kevin Feige for having considered him to be part of that ” such a crazy idea. ” During a recent interview for AND Online, the actor shared how honored he felt to have the president of Marvel Studios make him a part of this.

I have to give Kevin Feige credit for coming up with the idea. Putting myself on the show like that I thought was a very interesting meta, something shocking and strange. I was honored.

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The interpreter recalled that his role had a certain level of difficulty due to the fact that at the same time he was shooting Mare of Easttown – 90% in Philadelphia, and his character in the Kate Winslet series was completely opposite to the superhero, so he constantly had to travel, not only from one city to another, but between one character and another, from the deep to the exaggerated and funny.

Peters shared that this constant change was positive for Colin’s result in Mare of Easttown, a character for which he earned an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in an Anthology or Limited Series or Movie. During the interview, Evan commented that in these constant trips he was alone, unlike his fellow HBO programmates who lived together during filming, and it was precisely that loneliness in conjunction with the constant changes between one character and another that helped him to understand what Colin was going through.

Finally, Peters was grateful to be a part of these two important projects that undoubtedly set a tone in his already popular career.


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WandaVision: Evan Peters reveals that the idea for his character was Kevin Feige