August 3, 2021

Used ties, socks and shoes: initiatives to resuscitate them

Alexandre Chapellier knows how to flush out good ideas. Launched with his Cinnabar brand around the bow tie and couture buttonholes made from fabrics from luxury houses, then expanding his collections with a selection of cashmere pieces, he is now launching a new concept: the Tie Hospital .

Cinnabar launches the Tie Hospital

“A concept that responds to our desire to make sustainable textiles, explains the designer, and to our desire to upgrade materials, to reinvent fashion by extending the life of our products. With the Tie Hospital, we are dismantling entirely vintage ties, that of the grandfather or the uncle, change if necessary the interlining and the lining to give them a beautiful silhouette. We can also make them narrower to give them a little youthful look and hand them up with a new reinforcement flange “.

Consume better, repair rather than throw away, enhance the existing… values ​​that can also be found with the Orphan Socks initiative created in 2008 by designer Marcia de Carvalho.

Based on the observation that 90% of used or orphan socks are thrown in the trash, and that the annual consumption of socks in France is estimated at around 300 million pairs, or 16,000 tonnes of waste, the entrepreneur then imagines a point system collections to recover old socks and then recycle them into a new quality yarn.

Recycled socks from Orphan Socks

A bet that works, and which pushed Marcia de Carvalho three years ago to join forces with two partners in the development of an e-shop where collections of recycled socks are offered, as well as gloves, hats, bags or scarves.

If resuscitating a shoe is nothing new, a new generation of shoemakers is now pointing its nose to restore shine to a damaged pair of shoes or sneakers. “From now on, the customer no longer needs to go to a shoemaker, explains the creators of Galoche et Patin. With us, everything is decided on our site, before sending a scooter to the meeting place. chosen by the customer. We take the pair to repair in our workshop at Porte de Clichy where our master shoemaker Christian, an ex from JM Weston works miracles. The pair is then returned, still on a scooter “.

More and more brands like JM Weston now practice recycling by offering a trade-in of an old model in exchange for a voucher. Veja, she launched last October her first shoemaking workshop in Bordeaux (Darwin space) where her sneakers can be repaired (whatever the brand), recycled or cleaned. And Sneakers and Chill, a pioneer in basketball shoemaking, has just reorganized its workshop, rue d’Aboukir in Paris.

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