Tim Roth Learned From Mark Ruffalo That Abomination Is Better To Play As Comedy

Tim Roth Learned From Mark Ruffalo That Abomination Is Better To Play As Comedy

Although many may not remember it, Hulk: The Incredible Man (67%), starring Edward Norton and Liv Tyler, does belong, and always will, to the UCM. In addition to the cameo of Robert Downey Jr., and that we have already seen in other installments of General Ross, played by William Hurt, the story told here is directly linked to what we have been told about the character who is now in the hands of Mark Ruffalo. This film was not as successful as Iron Man – The Man of Iron (93%), but the idea of ​​seeing Norton as part of the Avengers was rescued. Finally, the actor withdrew from the role when Marvel it did not give him freedom in the final cut to respect his vision.

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Nobody doubts that Ruffalo is a great actor who has done a great job bringing Bruce Banner to life, but at the time, the idea of ​​Norton being in front was quite promising when we consider the general idea that was had at that time about superhero movies. In addition, the Oscar nominee also involved Tim Roth, one of the best actors in the world, to play the villain Emil Blönsky who would transform into Abomination in his attempt to defeat the Hulk. In the end, the unbalanced editing and Norton’s complaints made the character lose his opportunity to build a trilogy as happened with the aforementioned Iron Man, Captain America (Chris Evans) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

Perhaps the saddest thing for fans is that Hulk: The Incredible Man It left open several possibilities to introduce new villains of the character. Over the years, it seemed that any reference to this movie would be impossible, but the first trailer of Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings (95%) surprised many by the appearance of Abomination. When the film starring Simu Liu was finally released, it was clear that Abomination and Wong were fighting for money, and for training, but their roles were nothing more than cameos. Much has been speculated about it, with some assuring that the villain is in a special jail under Wong’s care.

Kevin Feige confirmed the return of the character beyond this tape and Tim Roth He was willing to come back after 13 years. Of course, someone like Roth would not settle for a small appearance, so it is not surprising that his character will gain relevance in the series of She-Hulk.

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During a recent interview for The Hollywood Reporter, the actor revealed how it was that Marvel looked for it to return to UCM in the project starring Tatiana Maslany:

I did Hulk: Incredible Man years ago because I thought my kids would be ashamed of it. I did it for them and I really enjoyed doing it. So when they came in and said, “We’re adapting this She Hulk thing. Could you come back as the character again? ” I was like, “Sure, it should be fun.”

But the task was not easy at all, as Roth had spent too much time away from the character and had forgotten how complicated the motion-capture job was. However, the actor learned from Mark Ruffalo to play his character with comedy, without taking it too seriously:

Although I was very surprised because it was very difficult at the beginning. It was only when Mark Ruffalo came to film his stuff that I said, “Oh, that’s how you do it! With sense of humor!”

This is not uncommon, as it is well known that the motion-capture process can be very heavy and even strange for an actor who instead of wearing makeup or special clothes, gets into a suit and must make gestures until exhaustion.

What’s interesting about this comment is that Roth confirms that Ruffalo did work for the Hulk and the last time we saw him, in the post-credit scene of Shang-Chi, the character had returned to being Bruce Banner. Of course, Banner can’t control the appearance of the Hulk, but it’s still unclear how he returned to human form or what a future transformation will entail. In that sense, we do not know when the new phase will be set. She-Hulk, but we’ll find out in 2021 when it premieres in Disney+.

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Tim Roth Learned From Mark Ruffalo That Abomination Is Better To Play As Comedy