This is the method that helped you lose weight

The actress Rebel Wilson not only shocked the world with her shocking makeover, but it also became a reference for those who, like her, have sought options to look and feel healthy.

In addition, the security that this has provided you, has been very inspiring for the rest of his followers who through his discipline believe that it is possible to lose up to 20 kilos if they propose, just as this much admired woman did.

Nevertheless, It wasn’t until recently that the actress herself and People magazine revealed details of what the actual methods she used were. to achieve the image and weight that it has today.

This is the method that helped Rebel Wilson lose weight

Although many already knew that Rebel Wilson underwent strenuous gym sessions throughout the week, and more than seven times combining the TRX with the stationary bike, she also had to adjust her diet.

Because, she resorted to the Mayr method which is widely implemented in Austria and which basically teaches people how to eat and what foods should be present in the diet.

On the Viva Mayr center includes people who want to take on this new lifestyle to combine the current complementary or alternative medicine with therapies that invite you to be aware of what and how you eat.

“Once we have treated your condition, proper nutrition combined with exercise and improved mental awareness become the building blocks of your new life“. This is what it indicates the web page of the method that has become overcrowded due to the results obtained in each patient and that it has clinics in various parts of the world.

Main details of this method to lose weight

Among the vital aspects that must be followed to lose measures are:

Raising awareness of intensive health. This is the basis of everything, because it does emphasis on the care and attention that the digestive system should receive through the proper selection of food.

Say no to the defendants. It is also vital to avoid the foods they have too many manufacturing processes and obtaining the final product that comes with a lot of waste that is toxic to the body.

Goodbye to gluten and dairy. The absence of these two ingredients will allow you advance in the plan of reduction of measures, since both contain innumerable loads of carbohydrates or fats that are not necessary if you want to eat healthy.

Chew. Although it seems very obvious, there are those who still do not know how to digest food, so through this method it is asked to become aware of it and learn to give it time to process each food that is consumed well. This in turn promotes digestion.

You have to learn to eat. Photo: Pexels

Using the cell phone while eating is not allowed. For the creators of this method it is essential that do not use this device, as it manages to alter the normal functioning of the organs during meals. In addition, it encourages lack of control and not processing food well.

Vegetables and fish always present. Once this lifestyle is assumed, the nutritionist must organize a plan based on the needs of each organism, but even so, in this method both fish and vegetables are usually the protagonists of the menu that is established daily.

There is no room for caffeine. Neither sugar nor coffee have a place in this plan, that is why you have to detox the drinks or foods that have them, since they accelerate the dehydration of the body if they are taken or consumed in a disorganized way.

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This is the method that helped you lose weight