June 18, 2021

these women who had to review their project

In 2012, Hannah (the first name has been changed) was 34 when she heard the candidate François Hollande evoke, in the middle of the presidential campaign, his desire to open up medically assisted procreation (MAP) to all women. Almost ten years later, the bioethics law containing the measure is examined at third reading in the National Assembly until June 11, with a view to final adoption before the summer.

For the forty-something from Blois, in a relationship with Myriam for four years, “It is now too late”. After having waited in vain for the law to allow her to resort to medicine to achieve her dream of starting a family, then having resolved to embark on an unsuccessful journey abroad, the employee in the public service today manages to say it without sobbing: “We will not have children. “

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Like Hannah and her companion, how many are these women who have given up on becoming mothers, by dint of waiting for the law to evolve? In his essay Lesbian Genius (Grasset, 2020), feminist activist Alice Coffin, elected ecologist at the Paris Council, recalls the years of political procrastination “During which the possibility of having a child has vanished for thousands of women. Me including. “

” Do not wait “

For two years, the question has come up regularly in associations for the defense of LGBT rights: “Lesbian couples ask us: are we waiting? “, assures Véronique Cerasoli, spokesperson for the SOS Homophobie association in charge of assisted reproduction, who perfectly remembers the year 1994, the date of the first bioethics law. “I was 19, and I saw the PMA close to lesbian and single women”, she confides, before adding: “I still do not see it reopened in June 2021, yet I have heard scores of politicians promising that it will be voted in the next six months. “

To the women who question him, Laurène Chesnel, family delegate within the Inter-LGBT, decided to say: “If you want a child now, don’t wait. “ She, who has been following the discussions since 2018 around the current bioethics bill, carrying this promise of openness of the PMA, is sorry: “We leave the people concerned in the embarrassment, having to knit within the margins of the law. “

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Over the years, many women take other paths to try to achieve their desire for motherhood. At the end of this journey, some give up, others prepare for it. Manon, Hélène, Hannah and Marion, who responded to a call for testimonials launched on the website of World, have all gone abroad to try their luck.

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