August 3, 2021

These three rules should be observed by lottery winners – BZ Berlin

Suddenly a multimillionaire! A woman from Brandenburg won the Euro jackpot: 48.2 million euros – the biggest win in the country’s history! But only one month after the drawing did the lucky winner get in touch.

In addition to the joy, the question quickly arises: How to deal properly with all the money? BZ spoke to Brandenburg’s lottery boss and coaxed valuable tips from her.

Not much is known about the current winner. “She has two children, lives on the other side of the Berlin bacon belt, in the vastness of the country” – Brandenburg’s Lotto manager Anja Bohms (54) does not want to reveal more at the beginning. But in the BZ conversation, the gaming boss unpacks a little more.

“At first I suspected that the winner was on vacation,” says Bohms of the woman who did not answer after the lottery numbers were drawn. “Because she paid for the tickets in cash, we didn’t know her name. She only comes to the lottery shop every four weeks, then asks about the win. “

After three years, the profit expires – most recently an 11 million jackpot in Rhineland-Palatinate. Ten days ago, the lottery boss made her search for the 48.2 million winner public. Now the success.

Brandenburg Lotto managing director Anja Bohms (54) (Photo: Lotto Brandenburg)
Brandenburg Lotto managing director Anja Bohms (54) (Photo: Lotto Brandenburg)

“After the press reports, the woman researched the Internet and then called us,” says Bohms. “She was overjoyed. Two colleagues then met with her to check the ticket. “

The mother of two said about her recipe for success: “The first time I hit the Euro Jackpot, I typed these numbers spontaneously and then played the same tips over and over again. I just chose them, they are not special lucky numbers. “

What to do with all the millions The tips of the lottery professionals

Rule number 1: Remain anonymous! Don’t tell others about the profit. No swank purchases, don’t quit the job right away.

Rule number 2: Invest the money wisely. Not on the rural checking account – word gets around quickly there. Bohm about the new millionaire from Brandenburg: “We suggested several big city financial institutions that have experience in advising wealthy customers.”

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Rule number 3: Lean back and let the new wealth sink in peace. Bohms: “You should now consider: How do I want to shape my life in financial independence?”

That is what the Brandenburg winner wants to do with the money

The happy woman from Brandenburg already has a plan. Bohms: “She wants to fulfill her dream of starting a unique adventure trip with her family through countries that were previously unknown to her.” With 48 million, private space flights would also be possible … “I’ll think of something,” said the winner.

Gambling boss Bohms admits: “I don’t play the lottery. The chance of the euro jackpot is 1 in 95 million, with the Saturday ‘6 out of 49’ lottery only 1 in 140 million. “

But every now and then she buys a scratch card. “10 euros was my maximum win,” says Bohms, “with a one euro bet. That’s pretty good. “