August 1, 2021

There are still tickets on sale to see Nathy Peluso at the Plaza de Toros | Huelva24

The singer, of international stature, NathyPeluso will arrive in concert next Sunday, July 25, at the Plaza de Toros de la Merced in Huelva, within her tour of Spain. Tickets are for sale on the website of

Eternidad Eventos has prepared a cultural program with world-class musical artists at the Mercedarian arena for this summer. And in this program Nathy Peluso arrives this weekend.

It is about an Argentine artist who has developed her musical career in Spain. Born in 1995, she grew up listening to great artists of North American music of the middle of the last century such as Ella Fitzgerald or Ray Charles, as well as great representatives of musical folklore such as Joao Gilberto, Ray Barreto or Atahualpa Yupanqui. Hence his affinity for jazz and elegant and sophisticated rhythms that he has managed to merge with the influences of hip-hop and urban music, creating a particular style that, despite having a small number of references in the market, has made him one of the stars of the contemporary Spanish music scene.

After a more experimental lyrical phase, Nathy Peluso finds his sound through the mixture of genres and the reinterpretation of them thanks to his prodigious voice. In 2017 he crystallized his first compilation “Esmeralda” and he composes the song that represents a turning point in his career: “Corashe”, where all the potential that he was pointing to becomes unquestionable.

In his next step he reencountered jazz and plays neo soul more explicitly. “La Sandunguera” is an EP where the presence of old-fashioned sounds is mixed with a theatrical vocal performance, in which the lyrics once again serve as a poetic medium through which to convey a unique musical personality without the need to tell any personal story. A job that preceded a successful international tour of Europe and Latin America.

Artistic evolution
Nathy’s artistic evolution goes beyond the musical. In 2019, the year that she published “Let me fight you”, her first book, she also finished unleashing her potential as a dancer, both in the clips of her songs and in her powerful liveshows, in which she managed to take over the stage , his natural habitat, where he unleashes all facets of his creativity. At the same time he launches “Natikillah”, a hip hop song that shows the duality that stars in his career.

[Img #280700]This freedom with which she experiences music and the great moment she lives professionally lead her to perform at iconic festivals such as Primavera Sound or to receive the prestigious Discovery Artist award from the Latin Alternative Music Conference, during its presentation in New York.

His undoubted international projection and artistic capacity is crowned in December 2019 with his first release after signing with Sony Music Spain, “Copa Glasé”, in which he pays tribute to the Christmas songs of great performers such as Nina Simone and the Big Bands of jazz.

She was succeeded by “Business Woman”, already in 2020, an empowering hymn in which NathyPeluso once again shows herself as a strong woman and independent who claims his place in the music industry. A space that will continue to expand throughout the same year with new projects like “No Se Perdona”, his successful collaboration with Rels B or his most recent single “Buenos Aires”.