The Titans lose another limb – and add a new and troublesome one

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for episode 4 of the third season of Titans, “Blackfire”, available now on HBO Max.

The third season of Titans has found Nightwing’s team shaken to the core with Jason Todd (Curran Walters) taking down Falcon (Alan Ritchson) in his quest to make his former allies pay. He has totally stained his soul as a Red Hood, obsessed with death and destruction. Sadly, the group tries to recover, they lose another key member due to the grief that overwhelms them. However, they do get a new recruit, but this one will likely be problematic in the future.

Dove leaves the Titans team

Dawn (Minka Kelly) is having a hard time assimilating the loss of the Falcon. Sure she had a crush on Hank, but she didn’t treat him well in his last days. He was dating someone else in Washington and filming as a solo vigilante. Still, she did her best to save Hank. Unfortunately, she was tricked by Jason into pulling the trigger and killing Red Hood, but instead she condemned Hank and blew up the hero.

She is found comforting Conner in “Blackfire” from the Titans, while Superboy blames himself for not defusing the bomb. However, Dawn makes it clear that they can’t save everyone. What’s more, it’s her fault so Conner can exonerate himself. This brings Dove to an airport, ready to board a private jet to stay at her family’s home in Paris to heal.

It is not known if it will return to action, but it seems unlikely. He even tells Dick that he should do what Bruce did and walk away from the heroic game. Staying in it for too long broke Batman and got him killed, so he doesn’t want that to happen to the old Robin. Urge the former Boy Wonder to find a way out, as he deserves peace and happiness. Dove begs her not to kill Jason, and while she is leaving, Dick goes in search of the Scarecrow to set a trap for Red Hood.

Blackfire enters the scene

Kory / Starfire has been plagued with visions, and the audience discovers that it is Blackfire making a telepathic connection. She and Gar follow the trail of the visions and end up in a field on the outskirts of Gotham. They discover an underground bunker where a government scientist is holding Blackfire hostage, unpowered in a special cell.

Kory tries to talk to her to find out why she killed her parents and took over Tamaran’s throne, but Blackfire just wants a fight and to be killed. Starfire does not agree, but instead of leaving her there to rot, she takes her sister out of there. The power dampers make Blackfire unable to escape yet or turn against Kory and Gar. However, she might be really willing to explore her sister’s love and possible approval in this new family.

Blackfire confirms that she was mistreated, while Starfire was treated like the golden girl, so the rogue arouses sympathy. The way he talks about killing his parents, warning his sister that he doesn’t know the full story, hints that they might have been evil, and that Blackfire might have done the right thing. Only time will tell. However, when he gets in the car and heads over to Gar and Kory, it’s clear that Blackfire will be a problem. Ultimately, once his powers return, he could attempt to take down Kory and eliminate the Titans that stand in his way.

The first four episodes of the third season of Titans are now available on HBO Max. Episode 5 will premiere on August 26.

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The Titans lose another limb – and add a new and troublesome one