The Time of Your Death (Amazon Prime Video)

The premieres do not stop reaching streaming platforms during this pandemic. An entertaining option for horror lovers is this A proposal that reminds us of the ‘Final Destination’ franchise and that plays with the idea of ​​an application that predicts the exact day and time of our death. We leave you with the review of Countdown: Time of your death from Amazon Prime Video, and remember not to install any app on it. mobile.

Synopsis for Countdown: Time of Your Death

Quinn Harris (Elizabeth Lail) is a young nurse who, encouraged by a patient, downloads an app called Countdown. The application, which is becoming fashionable, predicts the exact moment of your death, in days, hours, minutes and seconds. After agreeing to a very long terms of use, the app clock reveals that you only have 3 days left to live. The countdown begins. Will he be able to stop his destiny?

Elizabeth Lail in a scene from the movie

Review of Countdown: Time of Your Death

Technology and terror go hand in hand in the new Amazon Prime Video proposal. The movie Countdown: Time of your death proposes a suffocating time trial where its protagonist will try anything to stop the countdown of the clock of the new application that has just been downloaded, Countdown. If you don’t, the time of your death will have come. In your case, you only have three days to change the course of the fearsome events.

Elizabeth Lail y Jordan Calloway
Elizabeth Lail y Jordan Calloway

Countdown: Time of Your Death from Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video It is committed to increasing its catalog of terror with a production that, despite not being its own, reaches the platform directly without going through theaters – something it did in 2019 with its premiere in the USA.

Led by a newcomer to the longs, Justin Dec has been tanned in various film sets such as’Two parents for unequal ‘ O ‘Up in the Air’. The final result does not give us an outstanding horror film, although it is entertaining, and in its favor it must be said that its plot is based on a couple of interesting ideas that we will expose in this review of Countdown: Time of your death.

The app that predicts the day and time of your death
The app that predicts the day and time of your death

Do I have to watch Countdown: Time of Your Death?

It is a complete success that the idea of ​​this horror story arises from something so common, that we all carry at all times, like our mobile phone. It also exploits the everyday fact that no one, except for very rare and obsessive cases, reads the conditions of use of any application that is installed on the mobile, just as we do not when we sign up for social networks. We just accept and that’s it. Who has read the contract that we automatically accept when we make a profile on Facebook? No, and if we did, hardly anyone would.

The horror film reminds us of one of the franchises that was all the rage in the 2000s: ‘Final destination’. A saga that, in its five installments (the sixth is planned for this year as a celebration of its twentieth anniversary), always started with a group of young people who managed to avoid death, but unfortunately their destiny was already written … death was pursuing them to hunt them down in the most creative ways you can imagine.

Finally, both ideas end up being left aside to focus on a supposed devil and a curse that is activated by accepting the terms of use of the app. A shame, because if we had followed the other line, we would have obtained a more ambitious and surprising final product.

Scene from Countdown: Time of Your Death from Amazon Prime Video
Scene from Countdown: Time of Your Death from Amazon Prime Video

Will I be scared?

Perhaps the worst thing about the proposal will be that it does not deliver what it promises. Understand me, it does have a couple of successful scares that will manage to move us from the seat, but as slasher it is disappointing. It will always end up showing us the deaths in a blurry, dark way, or simply choose not to show it to us. Something that for a lover of the genre does nothing more than lose points in the total evaluation of the film.

Otherwise, Countdown de Amazon Prime Video it has a good workmanship and a dynamic assembly. In addition, the film bets on two faces known to the public at this time: Elizabeth Lail, protagonist of the serie ‘You’, and Jordan callo, protagonist of the serie ‘Riverdale’.

The horror movie Countdown on Amazon Prime Video
The horror movie Countdown on Amazon Prime Video

Final Countdown Opinion: Time of Your Death

A horror film that outlines a couple of good ideas that it does not finish developing. In general, it is entertaining and little else.


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The ideas that the plot shuffles at the beginning.


It does not show any of their deaths.

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The Time of Your Death (Amazon Prime Video)