The Suicide Squad: 7 Characters James Gunn Was About To Use In The Movie (And Who Would Have Probably Replaced Them)

Two of the best parts of any Suicide Squad story, whether in a movie, comic book, or video game, is figuring out which characters have been ripped from different parts of the DC Universe to go on a government mission from which they may or may not return. and which enemy they face, with or without superpowers. Seeing how the team tries to work together without killing each other – or without being killed by the enemy himself – and bringing their unique abilities to the mission is always a pleasure to watch. Director of the Suicide Squad James Gunn knows this very well, and while he was given free rein to choose whoever he wanted, he deliberately chose the characters he believed would work best with each other and serve the story organically. It has certainly been successful in that regard.

However, Gunn has talked about some of the other characters that he considered using for the movie, and it’s certainly intriguing to think not just how these other characters might have worked out, but which characters replaced them in the finished movie. Although Gunn hasn’t revealed all the reasons why one character was used over another, a look at the history and powers of some of these characters can reveal what the director had in mind.

7 Comet Man was about to enter the roster before the Polka Dot Man was elected

Once a forgettable Batman C-list villain, Comet Man has risen to prominence in recent years thanks to his role in the series of Batman of Tom King and his appearances in the animated series of Harley Quinn. The next step in his mastery of pop culture would be to make the leap into live action, and this was very close to being a reality.

Gunn stated during the promotion of El Suicide Squad He considered adding Kite Man to the team, though he concluded that the character had been used so often as a punching bag in the comics that using him wouldn’t be the coolest direction to go. Gunn decided to use the Polka Dot Man instead, stating that he wanted to use what many would consider one of “the dumbest supervillains of all time” and add depth to them. Had he been added to Kite Man, he probably would have taken on this role within the team from being ridiculed and underrated by other villains for his name and skill set before proving himself a valuable asset. And while Kite Man was not used for this film, Gunn has not ruled out the possibility of using the character in another film in the future.

6 It seems the rainbow creature was a villain choice before Starro

Gunn delved into DC Comics history when it came to finding the right characters, though even the most dedicated comic book fans might not know who the Rainbow Creature is. The Rainbow Creature, which first appeared in Batman Vol. 1 # 134 (September 1960), is a gigantic multicolored monster that possesses different powers based on its colors: red allows it to breathe fire, while green can turn any nearby object into two-dimensional. Batman and Robin fought and defeated the Creature forcing it to use all of its powers, rendering it defenseless.

The Rainbow Creature had originally emerged from a volcano in South America during a time of political conflict, which is not too different from the events that occur in Corto Maltese in The Suicide Squad, which means that Gunn could have considered using the Rainbow Creature instead of Starro as the threat the Squad must face at the end of the movie. It could have been quite interesting and fun to see how they could have defeated a monster that can kill them either way, but Starro worked just as well with Gunn’s general bizarre horror style.

5 The man-bat was considered before the king shark or the weasel took his place

Dr. Kirk Langstom and his fierce alter-ego Man-Bat have yet to make their live-action debut, but Gunn could have been the one tasked with changing that as he considered using the Batman villain before opting for one of the two other animalistic characters from Nanaue / King Shark and Weasel in their place.

Man-Bat has never been a member of Task Force X in the comics and while he might have been an intriguing addition to the lineup, he might have seemed at odds with Gunn’s somewhat more wacky tone of the movie. But let’s hope Man-Bat debuts soon in another DCEU project, whether Gunn is involved in it or not.

4 Another villain option before Starro was chemotherapy

Gunn had mentioned Chemo as a character he considered for the film, and judging by his sheer size, he was another backup villain the Squad had to face before Starro was cast. A constant enemy of the Metal Men, Chemo is essentially a walking nuclear disaster created from a failed experiment and can spit chemicals at his enemies to melt them down.

Since Chemo barely has a mind of his own, he would have responded to Peter Capaldi’s Gaius Grieves / The Thinker and faced the Squad if he had been included in the film. In fact, Chemo has been a member of the Squad in the comics, so it’s not unreasonable to think that Amanda Waller would have found some way to keep Chemo alive and under her control in the future.

3 Solomon Grundy would have been the muscle of the team instead of King Shark

Solomon Grundy, the monstrous and invincible zombie who has threatened many heroes within the DC Universe, was also considered for a position in Task Force X. Most likely he was the muscle of the team before Nanaue / King Shark was out. selected, and given Gunn’s experience with horror, it’s not hard to imagine how fierce Grundy would have been on the mission, probably ripping more limbs from his enemies rather than eating them.

But like he did with Nanaue, Gunn would have found a way to make Grundy endearing and funny despite his violent nature, perhaps taking inspiration from his appearances in the animated series of the Justice League . Still, Nanaue worked just as well in the movie, and it was probably easier to make a talking shark more adorable than a zombie.

2 Plastique was not chosen, but could have influenced Ratcatcher 2 to some extent

It may be an exaggeration, but Bette Sans Souci / Plastique and Cleo Cazo / Ratcatcher 2, although they have different personalities and powers, have something in common, since they both come from other countries: Plastique is from Quebec and Ratcatcher 2 is from Portugal. Plastique is especially interesting because in the comics she was originally a terrorist trying to separate Quebec from Canada.

Much like Ratcatcher 2 mentions her experience of being an immigrant and being forced to become a criminal once she arrived in America, Gunn would have focused on Plastique’s motivations for becoming a terrorist and made her understandable to some degree. However, Ratcatcher 2’s abilities worked better in the context of Gunn’s story, so that’s probably why she was chosen over Plastique.

1 Deathstroke was about to lead squad team 2 instead of Bloodsport

Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke hasn’t had much time to truly shine in the DCEU, but he actually came close to taking Bloodsport’s place in The Suicide Squadas the behind-the-scenes footage shows concept art featuring Slade Wilson leading the second team of Task Force X. Had Deathstroke actually been cast, it could have spawned a very different movie, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. .

Deathstroke’s excellent skills as an assassin and strategist would have made him perfect for the Squad’s mission, but he’s a much more ruthless character than Bloodsport and this could have led to a different dynamic with Waller and the other Squad members. He would have been more likely to betray the team and defuse the bomb on his neck after completing his mission, which again might have worked, but perhaps not suitable for this particular movie. Bloodsport performed better overall, but Deathstroke could be a much better antagonist for the Squad to face in another movie rather than serving on the Squad itself.

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The Suicide Squad: 7 Characters James Gunn Was About To Use In The Movie (And Who Would Have Probably Replaced Them)