The sad and complicated past of Mark Ruffalo that you should know

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Mark Ruffalo is one of the actors who little by little gained the esteem of the public with his performances and versatility, since he went from various romantic comedies to being Bruce Banner in the Avengers. The 53-year-old actor has a past – like all Hollywood stars – but the difference is that Mark talks very little about how shady he was and this is a small approach to get to know that part of him.

Depression is in your life since childhood

During an interview with the portal Observer, Mark confessed to being diagnosed with dysthymia, a low-grade depression characterized by being present all the time. Since he was little, he always felt different and struggled a lot with sharing his plans for the future because he felt sorry for others to know that he wanted to be an actor.

A tumor caused him paralysis

The actor had a serious health problem when he was diagnosed with a tumor known as acoustic neuroma, which although it can grow rapidly and exert pressure on the brain to such an extent that it interferes with the vital functions of the body. Mark was diagnosed early and had surgery to remove it, but it had temporary consequences as he could not hear on the left side and his face was completely paralyzed.

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Had to stop acting

The previous incident forced him to stay away from acting for six months because as much as he wanted to work, his doctors told him that he was in no condition. That stage of his life was difficult for him as he went into exile at home and plunged into loneliness because it was difficult for him to accept that he could not return to recording studios, especially when his career began to gain popularity.

Lost his best friend

At the time when Mark was a student at the Stella Adler Conservatory he had a very special connection with a person named Michael, he became his best friend, but sadly in 1994 he took his own life. In an interview for the portal Parade He spoke about his loss.

“When he died, he pulled me out of a dark depression. The moment he left, I realized that death was not an escape, that suicide was not an answer, it helped me to realize the value of my own life and not make the same mistake. “

He was linked to terrorists

Mark publicly advocated against fracking, which is the extraction of gas through hydraulic fracturing, a process that seriously affects the environment. When he promoted the movie gas country —Which speaks precisely of this—, reports were created confirming that the actor had earned a position on the List of Terrorist Advisers of the United States, which in the end was not true, just simple rumors without bases.

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His brother also passed away

You may not know, but Mark had a brother named Scott Ruffalo who died in 2008 from a gunshot to the head in their home. The strange thing about the case is that it was never resolved because there were no critical witnesses to what had actually happened. His death was an even harder blow for the actor as they were so close!

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Had undiagnosed illnesses

Depression was not the only problem in Mark’s youth as he had a hard time learning and keeping up with his other classmates at school, which was very frustrating. She later found out that she had dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Then he understood why he always felt out of place!

Like many actors, Mark’s life was anything but simple as he lived through various obstacles that had him on the tightrope and tested it, but also helped him to get ahead and follow his dream of being a great actor, which he undoubtedly achieved. .

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The sad and complicated past of Mark Ruffalo that you should know