The reasons to see the series Only Murders in the Building on Star Plus –

Only Murders in the Building es la serie de Star Plus original comedy, which is one of the great releases that premiered together with the streaming platform belonging to Disney. Created by and starring Steve Martin alongside Martin Short and pop star Selena Gomez, it is an engaging sitcom, crime podcasts, and a share of drama that makes the trio shine.

Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gómez play three unknown neighbors in a building who share a great obsession in common: crime. But being just fans of him, their lives will change radically when they are involved in a real one and share the elevator with the victim before his death.

Thus, when the chilling murder occurs in an Upper West Side apartment, these three people use their knowledge of crimes to try to solve it. To do this they begin to record a podcast for a documentary about the case where they will unravel the most complex secrets of the building years ago.

Oliver, Charles and Mabel are these three neighbors of the luxurious Manhattan complex, who practically do not know each other, but will end up hooked on the same podcast of true crimes, which, added to the dubious death of one of their neighbors, will start them to investigate on your own.

This unusual trio decides to combine their creative skills to solve the case. Only Murders is a comedy that makes you laugh and manages to take the mystery in question seriously, as well as show the inner and lonely lives of these three unlikely detectives.

Charles (Martin) is an actor who had only one television success in the ’80s in which he played a policeman, and who still uses his phrases. Oliver (Short), is a Broadway director who accumulates as many failures as debts, but leads a bon vivant existence. And Mabel (Gómez), is an enigmatic twenty-year-old living in her aunt’s apartment who spends her time ignoring all her neighbors and hides more than she tells about the death that triggers the plot.

Reasons to watch the Only Murders in the Building series on Star Plus

In itself, the story is attractive, but if it is added the presence of Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gómez turned into these amateur detectives, the comedy becomes absolutely complacent, fresh and why not, crazy.

“Only Murders in the Building” is composed of ten episodes, which are signed by Steve Martin, the iconic comedy actor, who is, not only the creator and protagonist, but also the producer of the shipment alongside John Hoffman (“Grace & Frankie ”) and Dan Fogelman (“ This Is Us ”).

Reasons to watch the Only Murders in the Building series on Star Plus

Humor, tangles, mystery and some drama

The story of the series flows from the personality of this trio of eccentric New Yorkers and their project to carry out their own research and, incidentally, to make a podcast that generates an extra income. To them, we must add the neighbors and special guests who will be key, including Amy Ryan, Nathan Lane, Tina Fey, singer Sting and Jane Lynch.

In much of the world, and especially in the United States, true crime is an obsession for many people who not only listen to or do this type of program, but also get involved in concrete investigations of real cases.

Reasons to watch the Only Murders in the Building series on Star Plus

Hence the inspiration of the creators to generate this original comedy to show off their leading trio, which uses podcasts, with a true crime story as a model.

The series knows how to handle the tone of comedy and mystery in a sitcom format, to play narratively, delivering great revelations and twists at the end of each episode giving it an interesting realism, as if it were a true podcast.

In this way, it allows itself to cleverly fission when it imposes equal doses of both mystery and entanglement. However, when he tries to develop the drama, something forced is noticeable, when he investigates certain remorse of his protagonists, who shine much more when ridicule takes hold of them.

Reasons to watch the Only Murders in the Building series on Star Plus

The whole comedy works perfectly thanks to the chemistry of the lead duo made up of veterans and genre experts Steve Martin, Martin Short. While Selena Gómez, brings the quota of youthful freshness necessary to counteract that old-school humor, and serves as a witness and partner of their comedic steps.

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In short, from the originality of the story, the funny dialogues and witty situations, the handling of humor and characters, and, of course, the performances, “Only Murders in the Building” is the great comedy Star Original, attractive and contemporary.


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The reasons to see the series Only Murders in the Building on Star Plus –