August 1, 2021

“The real victim of this affair is the citizen”

Sentences, like slaps, slam in the courtroom. They leave in gusts from the desks of the two prosecutors, Nicolas Baietto and Vanessa Perrée. Fall on the empty chair left by the former President of the Republic. “Nicolas Sarkozy has chosen not to behave like a litigant like the others. He attended only one day of hearing when all concerned him. This carelessness with regard to the court and his co-defendants, is like that which he had on the finances of his campaign “, cingle Vanessa Perrée.

The two prosecutors require the sentence of one year of imprisonment, including six months firm, against Nicolas Sarkozy, this Thursday, June 17, at the trial of the financing of his campaign accounts in 2012, before the Paris Criminal Court. In response to the one who, during his interrogation two days earlier, had admitted only one “Political responsibility”, Vanessa Perrée replies: the candidate “Is the signatory and the only person in charge of his campaign account. Nicolas Sarkozy says he delegated everything and signed with his eyes closed. But his signature also entails his criminal liability. More than any other, he knew and had to respect the electoral code ”.

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Yes, she says, “This campaign was indeed in solid gold”. Vanessa Perrée lists the meetings – forty-four, including three giants who alone account for half of the authorized budget – and recalls their technological prowess. “Nicolas Sarkozy knows all of this perfectly. He has forty years of political life. He cannot fail to realize the extent of the means implemented. “

“The temptation of the athlete is doping”

Mostly, she observes, it was informed on March 7, 2012 of the alert note on the risk of exceeding the ceiling. “He does not ask questions, does not give instructions and increases the number of his meetings. “

“A presidential campaign, adds the prosecutor, it’s like top-level sport. The victory is played a few millimeters. The temptation of the athlete is doping. For the candidate, it is illegal financing. By boosting his campaign, Nicolas Sarkozy did not respect the essential value of equality between candidates. May he assume the consequences today alongside those who worked for him. ”

In this case, four of them hold a special place in the eyes of prosecutors. Jérôme Lavrilleux, first, the “Dissonant voice in the UMP”, where he is the only one to recognize “Participating in an illegal campaign finance system”. “I call him back because it’s quite rare to hear that at the bar”, said Vanessa Perrée.

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