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‘The Forever Purge’ has a critique of the consumption of meat in excess that, according to the creator of the saga James DeMonaco, was going to be the secondary story of the film, but finally they reflected it in a detail that will surprise you.

The saga of The Purge is not only characterized by its plot focused on the annual event that for 12 hours allows crimes to be committed without any legal consequence, but it has also been highlighted by the peculiar masks used by various characters. The forever purge is no exception and a very peculiar one is introduced, because one of the thugs that appear in the film has a mask that resembles a rabbit. It is time to reveal the truth behind this creative decision, as it has to do with excessive consumption of meat.

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The rabbit mask in ‘The Forever Purge’ is a criticism of the excessive consumption of meat.

In an interview for Collider the director of the fifth installment of The purge Everardo Gout, mentioned that a subplot about meat consumption was the reason why they decided to be inspired by a rabbit for the mask: “With the rabbits I wanted to honor a plot that we eliminated from the original script. James DeMonaco (creator of the franchise) wanted to talk a bit about how we consume meat in excess, as a species. All that subplot organically had no space because our universe was contained and that was something bigger, so we abandoned it … “

But I wanted to honor his vision, so I said, ‘Let’s do something about the butchers. What could be scarier than a stupid bunny with a goat catching you? ‘

Let us remember that the moment the masked person with the accessory inspired by the rabbit appears, the purge has already ended, but a group of people seek to continue committing crimes without shame. It is there that they meet Adela (Ana de la Reguera), whom they catch when she was approaching a goat and almost mortally injure her with a kind of drill.

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The scene where the person in the rabbit mask appears in ‘The Forever Purge’.

The Mexican director also commented on the general intention of the inclusion of masks within this universe of The purge: “The really successful thing about the franchise is that because they wear masks, you are projecting your own horrors behind those masks. That’s why it’s so scary. You imagine the worst version of that person, not the best. It is your own fear. So it’s a lot of fun and Sébastien Lemercier (producer) was crucial in fine tuning to guide me through the juxtaposition process… “

If you want to be scary it has to be a little strange and a little funny, and that’s why we made the rabbits.

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The masks have been an important part of the saga of ‘The purge’.

This is how the rabbit mask has a much deeper meaning than can be reflected on the big screen. The good thing is that you can relive The purge forever in national cinemas, since the film is available in various exhibition complexes. And if you want to know more about the peculiar masks, we invite you to take a look at our slideshow with the 10 darkest, You could even get an idea of ​​what your Halloween costume will be for this year.

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‘The purge forever’: The criticism of the excessive consumption of meat that you surely did not notice – Movie News