The mythical superman is honored by Google

Christopher D’Olier Reeve He was born in New York on a day like today but in 1952. The actor, film director and activist gained worldwide fame when he played the “Iron Man“In movies based on the popular comic book character”Superman”And is also remembered for his character as Richard Collier in the film“ Somewhere in Time ”.

Executive producer Ilya Salkind He would never have guessed that his childhood comic book hero would define his Hollywood career. He was 31 when he was given the opportunity to bring “Superman” to the big screen for the first time, and that was the 1978 hit that would transform Christopher Reeve y Margot Kidder in box office sensations.

Years ago, in an interview with Fox News, Salkind did not hesitate to share some secrets of one of the classics of the cinema. To begin with, he indicated that the film Zorro, starring Alain Delon in 1975, was the big shooter. “I was walking in Paris and there was a movie about Zorro”, He explained. “That gave me the idea of ​​making a comic book movie”.

Salkind had been working behind the scenes on The four musketeers from 1974 when he was brainstorming ideas for a new movie with his father, Alexander Salkind, over dinner. “I said out of nowhere, ‘Why don’t we do Superman?‘”He recalled. “My father didn’t know anything about Superman, I said, ‘He flies, he has powers,’ and he said, ‘That sounds interesting.’ The next day, Salkind’s father gave the green light to the project.

While Salkind was impressed by the performance of Sylvester Stallone on Rocky of 1976 during a screening before the film was released to the public, I just did not believe that the actor was the one to be “Man of Steel”: “He absolutely wanted to do it, but it wasn’t for him”.

Salkind revealed that DC Comics, which owns the rights to Superman and approved a film adaptation, had a list of approved actors for the lead role. “They had people like Al Pacino and Dustin Hoffman,” Salkind said. “Stallone was also approved by the way. Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood, both turned down. We also tried Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn), but he was not a good actor. I had no acting experience. “

While Christopher Reeve Hailed today as a Hollywood legend, he was a relatively unknown actor looking for his first big break when he auditioned for the role.

Reeve looked promising for the superhero role, except he still had a lot of work to do. “He read the Superman and Clark Kent part and it was fantastic.”Salkind said. “But he was very, very skinny. Too thin so we went on to try other actors.

Salkind still did not have his protagonist. However, Reeve’s performance left a huge impression on him, so he couldn’t refuse to cast him. So they took him back to London and tried the costume on and made a splash again. He only needed to gain weight.

The English bodybuilder David Prowse, who physically played Darth Vader on the Star Wars In 1977, he was chosen to train Reeve, who began eating up to six meals a day. “He gained about 18 kilos of muscle “


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The mythical superman is honored by Google