July 24, 2021

The daughter of Robert Boulin assigns the state for “gross negligence”, believing that the investigation into his death does not advance

When she learned of the renunciation of a witness “Essential”, Tired of having waited six months for its summons by the examining magistrate, Fabienne Boulin considered that the cup was full. On June 15, Robert Boulin’s daughter sued the state for “gross negligence”. In his viewfinder, an investigation that does not advance. “The Court of Cassation defined gross negligence as” any deficiency characterized by a fact or a series of facts reflecting the inability of the public service of justice to fulfill the mission with which it is invested “, she explains to World. And we are clearly there. ”

Fabienne Boulin has been fighting since the 1980s to have her father, Minister of Labor and Participation of the Third Government Raymond Barre, found dead at 59 years old in a pond in the forest of Rambouillet (Yvelines), recognized that he did not commit suicide by drowning on October 30, 1979, but was the victim of a political assassination.

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Before initiating this procedure against the State, she and her husband, Eric Burgeat, lawyer and former collaborator of Robert Boulin, claim to have made and redone the accounts. « Over five years and ten months of judicial information, since the summer of 2015, we have counted a total period of three years and six months without any investigative act being carried out by the various judges dealing with the case., explains Fabienne Boulin. Many of the thirty or so witnesses we are asking to be heard still not heard, and suddenly, four of them died, and many others are no longer able to testify. “

War of the Rights

In this story dating back more than forty years, Fabienne Boulin obtained, in August 2015, the opening of a new judicial investigation by the Versailles prosecutor’s office, of the counts of “arrest, kidnapping and sequestration followed by death or assassination”. “Everything was looking good, she says. The oldest investigating judge of the Versailles TGI [tribunal de grande instance, devenu tribunal judiciaire en janvier 2020] heard from seven witnesses in the first year and then, in September 2016, she took on a new role and her successors procrastinated. ” Mme Boulin is annoyed that the last judge, seized in October 2017, chose to summon “A witness yet already heard and considered credible by the first judge, two years earlier », Rather than asking “Those who haven’t been for decades”.

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