August 1, 2021

The Chinese Ambassador to France and “the war of public opinion”

Often referred to as “Fighting wolf” for his little diplomatic style, the Chinese ambassador to France, Lu Shaye, explains it in a long interview with the Chinese magazine Guancha of Wednesday June 16 as well as in another interview published in the French daily L’Opinion Thursday.

First lesson: in his eyes, the role of an ambassador is not necessarily to give a good image of China in the country where he is sent but to please his compatriots. “The standard for evaluating our work is not how foreigners see us, but how people in China see us. (…) We can’t stop doing this just because they [les Occidentaux] are not happy “, he specifies in Guancha about his style.

The Quai d’Orsay, which has summoned Lu Shaye at least four times, in particular for lying about the nursing homes and insults towards a researcher, knows what to expect. Lu Shaye considers himself supported “By Internet users and the population” in China and that’s what matters. Moreover, according to him, Beijing is only responding to Westerners, who are “Aggressive” and threaten Chinese interests. “The fundamental reason for the change in our diplomatic style is caused by the change in the international situation and by our own strength”, he sums up.

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“Three-dimensional struggle”

In this fight, carrying China’s voice loudly is not the sole responsibility of diplomats, he said. Chinese media and academics must also come to the fore. Welcoming the role played by Guancha and speak Global Times in 2020, Lu Shaye even presents the instructions for use of the perfect wolf fighters. “We need the media and academics [qui ont] strong political conviction, self-confidence, in-depth knowledge of international relations and a strong capacity for expression. In fact we don’t need more people. With two or three groups and a few people, we can become the vanguard of the public opinion war and we can coordinate this public opinion war well with our diplomatic system to form a three-dimensional model of struggle. “.

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Seeking to “Constantly improve and perfect” China’s capabilities in “The struggle” of today and tomorrow, General Lu is also ready to enlist Internet users born in the 1990s who have no reason, given the power of their country, to “To feel inferior”. He thus welcomes the commitment of Wuheqilin, a nationalist designer whose photomontage representing an Australian soldier slaughtering a lamb, a symbol of the child’s innocence, had provoked an official protest in Canberra in 2020.

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