August 3, 2021

“The Bachelorette”: Dario digs himself out! – TV

The love dance is picking up speed …

After the tough start to the current one “Bachelorette” season with boring small talk and awkward pauses in conversation, there was a lot going on in the second episode on Wednesday evening. While one candidate voluntarily dropped, another shot himself out. Model Dario Carlucci (33) used the very wrong tactic with Rosen-Lady Maxime Herbord (26) and got the receipt in the end.

She had chosen him for the first single date and was hoping for a “cool day at the beach”. Just stupid that her companion was putting on a one-man show. His motto: “Maybe you shouldn’t think too much, as a man you should do it.”

“Bachelorette” candidate Dario talked Maxime into his grandma’s ringPhoto: TVNOW

Right at the beginning Dario joked about a pimple on his nose, showered the bachelorette with compliments and then wanted to know: “How did I deserve to get the first private date?”

But instead of waiting for her answer, the man from Munich pondered his first impression for minutes. Dario self-critical: “I didn’t recognize myself during the performance.”

Meanwhile, the Bachelorette smiled politely and replied: “But that’s it again.” She got no further, because Carlucci went straight to the deep talk: “It was nice what you said yesterday about your family. You mentioned very briefly that you like to have her around you, ”he whispered.

Maxime then told him that her grandfather and his brother died as a result of corona disease. The single lady: “Mom only barely survived it.” While Dario paused for a moment, he patted her hand and sobbed about the death of his grandma about three years ago.

Tony, Zico, Hendrik, Robert, Niko and Bachelorette Maxime

Tony, Zico, Hendrik, Robert, Niko and Bachelorette MaximePhoto: TVNOW

With big words he announced a surprise to the Bachelorette: “I brought you something in this regard. The director just doesn’t know that. I’m sure I’ll get in trouble for that. ”But Maxime interrupted his flow of speech with a question. “Are you afraid of heights?” She suddenly wanted to know.

A swing was available for both of them, which a crane maneuvered to lofty heights. When things went up, Dario repeatedly kissed Maxim’s hand, put his arm around her and whistled: “It’s beautiful.”

Maxime also went on a date with Tony

Maxime also went on a date with TonyPhoto: TVNOW

Finally he pulled the announced present out of his pocket: his late grandmother’s ring! The Bavarian Casanova theatrically: “I want to give it to you. You don’t have to wear it, it’s way too big for you anyway. But simply as a good luck charm. “

Herbord was clearly uncomfortable with the situation. She actually doesn’t want to accept the souvenir. But Dario literally chatted on her: “I thought about it for a long time and didn’t say anything to anyone. Not even the editorial team. They didn’t know anything, and I’ll probably get pissed off afterwards. “That’s how selfless he is …

Maxime shines - but not with Dario!  The date with Julian was in a good mood

Maxime shines – but not with Dario! The date with Julian was in a good moodPhoto: TVNOW

When Maxime thought about her family again, the mood was in the basement. A few tears rolled at the Bachelorette, and Dario hugged her again. No wonder that HE thought the evening was a success. In the car, the 33-year-old raved: “What a date! I’ve never had anything like that before. “In front of the boys in the villa, he boasted:” It was VERY private. “

His dream woman saw it differently. Maxime confessed to a member of the team that she really didn’t want to talk about such emotional issues that early. His advances made her sometimes uncomfortable. Herbord in an individual interview: “He put his arm around me very often. I didn’t find it super annoying that he did it. But with the fourth kiss on the hand it was too much again. “

That had consequences. Even before the roses were awarded, she sent Dario home with the words: “I think it doesn’t fit that way.” She also gave him his grandmother’s ring back. When he left, the candidate confessed: “I’m definitely disappointed.”

However, he did not go alone that evening. Single Hendrik (33) left voluntarily because he didn’t feel comfortable in the format. And candidate Robert (26) was sent home from the Bachelorette.