June 18, 2021

Terry Dupin, the “madman of Dordogne” indicted for several “assassination attempts”

The former soldier Terry Dupin, who was arrested on May 31 in the Dordogne after a long hunt, was indicted for several “assassination attempts” in particular, as announced, Friday June 11, the prosecutor of Périgueux, Solène Belaouar.

Terry Dupin was indicted “For aggravated willful violence committed on his ex-concubine with the use or threat of a weapon and in the presence of the couple’s children, all in a state of legal recidivism, [pour] attempted assassination on the man who accompanied his ex-concubine at the time of the facts ”, for “Assassination attempt targeting several soldiers of the gendarmerie” and for “Attempted homicide targeting three other persons”, detailed Mme Belaouar during a press conference in Périgueux.

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Seriously injured in the throat during his arrest, the 29-year-old former soldier was not imprisoned, due to his hospitalization. “He will be relieved as long as his state of health requires it of a hospital structure specializing in the care of detained persons”, reported Mme Belaouar, specifying that the suspect’s detention had been ordered.


Hospitalized under the responsibility of the prison administration at the Bordeaux University Hospital, he “Currently unable to speak” due to his injuries, but “On the other hand, he is capable of expressing himself in writing”, also reported the prosecutor, stressing that Mr. Dupin « s’[étai]t shown cooperative with the investigators, and [qu’il était] even rather in demand to be explained “.

Already convicted four times for violence against his ex-wife, the young man, armed with an alarm pistol and a 30-30 caliber Winchester rifle, fled on May 30 in a wooded and difficult area access to the town of Lardin-Saint-Lazare after assaulting his former companion at home and shooting her friend, without reaching her.

He was seriously injured during his arrest, which occurred thirty-six hours later, by retaliatory fire from the GIGN gendarmes, on whom he himself opened fire on several occasions. The operations to find this man had mobilized more than 300 gendarmes and members of the GIGN, who had also been supported by helicopters and other armored vehicles.

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