Actors who would be perfect for a live action Tim Burton animations

Warner Bros. Pictures In recent years, there is a trend in Disney productions to make live-action adaptations of animated classics. As of yet, there are no plans for an adaptation of Tim Burton’s animations; However, it is not difficult to imagine that sooner or later one will be made and there are actors who would … Read more

Amanda Seyfried, Lucy Hale and other actresses who would be perfect as Disney princesses

Walt Disney Pictures For a couple of years, Disney has opted to introduce us to our favorite princesses in live-action millionaires that renew the magic characteristic of the fairy tales that have accompanied us since we were little. Walt Disney Pictures So far, we have already met several of these princesses and protagonists played by … Read more

Illustrator Helen Morgun turned Hollywood actors into Disney characters

Walt Disney Pictures Disney’s live-action films have allowed us to see in the flesh several of our favorite princesses and heroes from animated films. However, despite what we’ve seen on screen, there are far more actors and actresses who could beautifully embody your most beloved Disney characters, and illustrator Helen Morgun knows this. The talented … Read more