Asante: women still crave a voice | News

After Belle’s standing ovation at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Screen sat down with director Amma Asante and stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Sam Reid to discuss the period-drama’s strong message about female agency. “Belle is as much about gender as it is about status and class,” acknowledges director Asante. “These are the subjects that interest … Read more

New Amazon CEO Andy Jassy says voice is the future. Tapping on apps is ‘so circa 2005’

Andy Jassy took over as Amazon’s CEO in July. Getty Images Amazon’s new CEO, Andy Jassy, predicts customers will eventually do their shopping from their new Amazon-made Fire TV Omni or Fire TV 4-Series. It’s part of the company’s effort to shift you away from tapping on apps, an experience that Jassy said, in an … Read more

Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf in Frozen spoke about the premiere of the second season of Central Park

In recent years, animated series have been taking a completely different path from what the public was accustomed to and Central Park It is the perfect expression of that paradigm shift. An acid musical in the best Broadway style with the most famous park in the world as a stage, and a series of complex … Read more

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ stars ‘shocked’ by her voice

Nicole Kidman is well aware of wellness culture. When she was younger, the Oscar-winning actress and producer attended a silent meditation retreat, where participants wrote on notepads to communicate with each other instead of talking. “It is a complete roller coaster,” Kidman says of the experience. “I’ve always been curious and tried things. I’ve gone off and … Read more