From Classmates to Mastering Hollywood: Inside Story of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Friendship | Celebrities, Vips

They say of their friendship that it is “The most important for humanity since that of Jesus Christ with his apostles.” Avoiding rhetorical excess –and a lack of offense to religious sentiments–, the truth is that the tandem formed over three decades by Tina Fey y Amy Poehler he has written some of the key … Read more

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A murderer on the loose and a group of young people who are going to spend a few days off in a “cursed” camp are the protagonists of Friday the 13th, the movie slasher of the 80 that in Latin America was called Tuesday 13. That horrifying massacre that he recounts would have been inspired … Read more

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Teaser de ‘American Crime Story: Impeachment’ con Sarah Paulson y Beanie Feldstein como Monica Lewinsky

Just been released a short teaser for the upcoming season of ‘American Crime Story’, entitled ‘Impeachment’. In this first preview we can see the transformation of Beanie Feldstein (‘Super nerds’) as Monica Lewinsky. Along with her, we also find a regular in the Ryan Murphy series such as Sarah Paulson, who we see characterized as … Read more

The heartbreaking story of the actor who overcame the death of his son with the most beast of television comedy | News, Fashion

“When you told your story before you said you listened to Radiohead a lot … Try to improve, okay? Don’t gloat over your feelings as a little man.” In the universe of Catastrophe there is no time for sorrow. Or at least, for afflictions – supposedly – as damaging as confessing in an Alcoholics Anonymous … Read more

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