Inzaghi: “He will be decisive against Sheriff, we need a real Inter match”

Inzaghi He will be decisive against Sheriff we need a

The Nerazzurri coach on the eve of the match against the Moldovans: “We know how important tomorrow’s match is, we won’t think about Sunday.” Simone Inzaghi and his Inter warm up their engines in view of the five days of fire on the horizon between Champions and league. First stop in Tiraspol to face the … Read more

Shining light to measure blood flow in the brain in real time

Journal Reference: Muhammad Mohsin Qureshi, Yan Liu, Khuong Duy Mac, Minsung Kim, Abdul Mohaimen Safi, Euiheon Chung. Quantitative blood flow estimation in vivo by optical speckle image velocimetry. Optica, 2021; 8 (8): 1092 DOI: 10.1364/OPTICA.422871 The brain is arguably the most crucial aspect of our existence. Our brain health governs how well we function. In … Read more