I Am Fish review: a physics platformer with sole

Like a splash of cold water to the face, I Am Fish is a wonderfully refreshing physics platformer. This isn’t a grim tale wrapped in layers of metaphor, or a walking simulator that guides you slowly through a field of feelings. Here, you are simply a fish. The bowl is your prison. The ocean is your freedom. Now imagine Ian Mckellen with the same gravitas as he had playing Gandalf in Lord Of The Rings, except with a farmer’s cap on. He is peering into your googly, goldfish eyes. In a west country accent, he bellows, “Swim, you fool!”

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Defying the Laws – or Mere Suggestions – of Physics in ‘F9’

Watching any film in the Fast & Furious franchise, you can’t help but wonder whether Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein would be amused, or appalled, by the gravity-defying action sequences. There has been a long-standing joke that the only place left for the story to go is outer space; then filmmaker Justin Lin (Better … Read more