Emmy Awards: the best dressed of the night | PHOTOS | VIU

1 from 12 Emmy Awards: the best dressed of the night | PHOTOS Go through the gallery and choose your favorite. (Photos: Social networks) 2 from 12 Emmy Awards: the best dressed of the night | PHOTOS Anya Taylor-Joy was crowned the best dressed of the gala wearing a champagne-toned dress with a halter neck … Read more

‘It Keeps Me Up At Night’

Margot Robbie has had several career highs in her time in film. Her feature debut, after all, saw the actor hold her own against Leonardo Dicaprio in Wolf of Wall Street. Afterward, Robbie’s career began to snowball into the juggernaut it is today. Starring in blockbuster hits Suicide Squad, to leading Oscar contenders such as … Read more

“This is the Night”, a love letter to the cinema and “Rocky III”

Writer / director James DeMonaco, left, with actor Frank Grillo during the filming of “This is the Night,” available on video on demand. Photo la hora: KC Bailey / Universal Pictures / Blumhouse via AP) Filmmaker James DeMonaco remembers the day “Rocky III” hit theaters like it was yesterday. In Staten Island, New York, in … Read more

Infinite, last installment of the saga The night of the beasts

The next July 16 opens The Purge: Infinite. Blumhouse’s most famous saga comes to an end. The Purge: Infinite is the new chapter in the most famous saga of Blumhouse, a production company specializing in horror films responsible for other blockbusters such as Let me out O The invisible man. In this new installment, the … Read more

Let Le Temps des Vampires Roll with Prime’s ‘Black As Night’ Trailer

There are a lot of great movies about New Orleans. With a few notable exceptions, almost all of them are centered around white folks. This gives you a very limited view of a beautiful and diverse city that offers so much more than what is visible on the surface of The French Quarter to tourists. … Read more

This is ‘Night Shift’, the new medical fiction that comes to Divinity for its tenth anniversary

Divinity premieres this Tuesday at 10:45 p.m., ‘Night shift’, a medical fiction that joins the ‘Medical Lovers’ label along with ‘DOC’, ‘Nina, a different nurse’ and ‘The good doctor’. Irreverent, passionate and addicted to adrenaline: these are the doctors on the last shift of the ER at San Antonio Memorial, a hospital in the southern … Read more

the most memorable celebrity looks from fashion’s craziest night

SINGAPORE – It was a big and strange day for fashion as the Met Gala returned in full force on Monday after being canceled last year (2020) due to the pandemic. The annual fundraising gala hosted by Vogue for the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is easily the … Read more

Where Can You Watch the ‘Last Night in Soho’ Horror Movie?

‘Tis the season for horror movies—the British psychological thriller Last Night in Soho will premiere on Oct. 29, 2021. Viewers at the Venice Film Festival already got a glimpse into the dark story. Critical reviews reflect high ratings. Universal Pictures switched a few films to day-and-date releases. However, the studio hasn’t altered Last Night in … Read more

‘Time’: Five Movies And A Series That Inspired The New From M. Night Shyamalan – Movie News

The director has shared through his Twitter account what titles his latest project draws from. In case you’ve been wanting more after seeing the film starring Gael García Bernal. M. Night Shyamalan’s cinema leaves no one indifferent and his latest film Weather is proof of it. The film, starring Gael García Bernal, Vicky Krieps, Rufus … Read more