Actors who would be perfect for a live action Tim Burton animations

Warner Bros. Pictures In recent years, there is a trend in Disney productions to make live-action adaptations of animated classics. As of yet, there are no plans for an adaptation of Tim Burton’s animations; However, it is not difficult to imagine that sooner or later one will be made and there are actors who would … Read more

This is how the actors of ‘The advantages of being invisible’ look 9 years after the premiere (photos)

Mr. Mudd The advantages of being invisible it marked the adolescence of many; His story connected perfectly with the youth audience, who was not intimidated by high school and not being part of the popular ones? Like Sam, Charlie and Patrick, many of us survived that drama-filled time with only incredible experiences left to remember. … Read more

DC Comics characters that are better in DCEU movies than in comics

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Actors who worked with their children and family on a movie and you didn’t realize it

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Celebrities Who Will Never Act In Superhero Movies Again: Kevin Spacey, TJ Miller

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Star +, these are their most viewed productions in Latin America – FayerWayer

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10 characters who wore the same costumes and we didn’t realize it

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Anthony Davis and the obligation to change positions in the Los Angeles Lakers | Mexico

With the assembly of this new team by Frank Vogel, the former Pelicans will have to assume many minutes as a pivot of the team. Something that in the past he has not been willing to do, despite the excellent results that these formations obtain. By Juan Estevez @ JuanEstevez90 If there is one … Read more

The WNBA chooses the best player in its history: the argument of Diana Taurasi and other great four candidates | Mexico

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Celebrities who are very handsome, but sacrificed their appeal to appear in a superhero movie

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