Armando Espitia: Meet the Mexican actor who is emerging to conquer international cinema

More and more Mexican actors are succeeding in international cinema and are becoming renowned around the world. One of those that are shaping up to achieve international success is Armando Espitia, a young man mexican actor who wants to get to the screens to do what he likes the most. Panorama had the opportunity to … Read more

“The future for Mexican cinema is on platforms”: Fernando Rovzar

The producer Fernando Rovzar, from Lemons Films and Lemonster, analyzes the Mexican film industry, its possibilities and anecdotes León, Guanajuato.- “One of the things that inspires is knowledge, if you listen or read stories, you tell better stories. That is what the film and entertainment industry in South Korea did, listen to themselves and listen … Read more

Best Mexican horror movies

Long before Guillermo del Toro came to Hollywood, the mexican horror cinema it featured cheesy fighters, strange creatures, and lots of blood in a context that was once a mystery to outsiders. Today, the genre continues to provide entertainment for lovers of cheesy classics or of modern horror and spooky, all available to streaming at … Read more

Eugenio Siller complains of living a paradox, “for not looking Mexican in Mexico or Latino in the US”

Since he made his soap opera debut ‘Rebel’, Eugenio Siller attracted attention for his physical, glamorous and radiant type, which lent itself then to the stereotype of prince charming in fashion at that time on Mexican television. Eugenio Siller claims to live a “paradox” due to the color of his skin. (Media and Media / … Read more

Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings remains at the top of the Mexican box office

Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings remains at the top of the Mexican box office Being a film with completely new characters, a different style than had been handled over the years and a different cultural context, many would have imagined that the reception of Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings … Read more

Eugenio Derbez: who is Sylvia Eugenia, the little-known sister of the Mexican actor | Celebs | FAME

In Mexico and much of the world, Eugenio Derbez he became famous for his film work both in front of and behind the screen. However, his sister Sylvia Eugenia, is rather the one who does not enjoy that popularity. Therefore, below we will learn a little more about his life and relationship with the figure … Read more