Lizzy Caplan Turns Into Stephen King’s Terror With The Role That Gave Kathy Bates an Oscar | TV and Show

Although its participation in Mean Girls, Tina Fey’s classic, catapulted her to fame, Lizzy Caplan She has to her credit a series of roles that have kept her active in Hollywood. Castle Rock, one of the last credits to her name, meant a variation on the line she had followed in previous years and led … Read more

Lizzy Caplan talks about sex scenes and complex drama in Masters of Sex

Nobody can ignore sex no matter how hard they try, which does not mean, in any way, that they understand it. In the 1960s, we knew much less about it, but Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson set out to change that by dint of research and, almost unintentionally, by their own passionate example. Sex was … Read more

Lizzy Caplan: “Masters of Sex ‘talks about sex but, above all, about intimacy” | TV

Lizzy Caplan is celebrating. Happy with the return of Masters of Sex, whose third season starts this Monday on Canal + Series (9.30pm), but especially happy because this interview with EL PAÍS coincides with the legalization of same-sex marriage throughout the United States. Very appropriate news to talk about a series focused on the pioneers … Read more

Lizzy Caplan, the chameleonic Mean Girls actress that you’ve seen many times without noticing | TV and Show

Lizzy Caplan has a quality that any actress would like to have. It is enough with a small change in your hair to become a completely different person. This has allowed her to play various roles in Hollywood, without being pigeonholed into a single role. Most remember Caplan as Janis Ian, Lindsay Lohan’s alternative friend … Read more

Your face is familiar to me: How do you know Lizzy Caplan?

Comedy always leaves us supporting characters who eat up the screen in a matter of seconds. These frame snatchers may never get out of the second row, but there are some who manage to stand out from that position. A good example of this is Lizzy Caplan, who has offered her best roles in some … Read more

Lizzy Caplan and her role in Castle Rock: “We created a character that could become what Kathy Bates did in Misery”

His career began in the 2000s with minor roles in series such as Freaks and Geeks O Smallville. Perhaps her earliest known role was that of Janis in Heavy Girls as the friend of newcomer Cady (Lindsay Lohan). But Lizzy Caplan’s most challenging characters didn’t arrive until the early part of the last decade, … Read more