The one lesson I’ve learned from life: Armistead Maupin says don’t try to keep up, just keep open

The one lesson I’ve learned from life: Armistead Maupin says don’t try to keep up, just keep open Armistead Maupin, 77, who lives in London, is best known for his 1970s column Writer says he spoke to himself through his character Mrs Madrigal Says let go of what you think is a secret; other people … Read more

Christopher Walken: ‘I’ve played strange, villainous people but my life is contrary to that’

After all his years playing eccentrics and live wires, it ought to be hard to be surprised by Christopher Walken, but the circumstances of our conversation are idiosyncratic even by his standards. When he appears on Zoom, the hair, first crafted to emulate his teenage idol Elvis Presley, is still wild and wiry, the gaze … Read more

Morgan Freeman: “The only mishap I’ve had at work has been spraining an ankle” | ICON

Morgan Freeman with that look that simultaneously expresses calm and fear. Only he can do that.Foto: Smallz & Raskind “Lucy, can you tie off before you go?”. This is how Morgan Freeman fires his publicist, joking about the marathon promotion day of Target: Washington DC. Lucy’s work is already done: of all the requests that … Read more

Lana Condor reveals she felt “mentally horrible” after the release of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”

Lana Condor spoke to SELF about her mental health and body dysmorphia issues, both past and present. The To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before actress revealed how being in Hollywood has somehow exasperated those issues and having a support system around her has helped her immensely. The 23-year-old said her years as a ballet … Read more

‘I’ve learned to see beauty instead of a beast’: the house pests we’ve grown to love | Insects

‘When I see a centipede, I thank it for being a good housemate’ For a good while I have been indulgent of the spiders and wasps that live outside my home, but my biggest about-face has been with house centipedes, which can be horrifying to look at for many people, given their plethora of whiskery … Read more

Jennifer Aniston said she doesn’t mind kissing her ex Paul Rudd on screen: ‘I’ve kissed him for years’

Fans still remember many of the Friends characters more than a decade after the series ended, and Jennifer Aniston is probably the most famous cast actress after production ended not only for her movie roles but also for their romantic partners. Recall that Aniston parted ways with Justin Theroux three years ago. Yet another famous … Read more

The Ending of Breaking Dawn Part 1 Is the Wildest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

In the film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, after two hours of moonlit vampire-on-human sex, Cronenbergian body horror, and Kellan Lutz just Lutz’in around in the background, a werewolf man falls in love with a baby. This movie made $712 million worldwide—$500 million in just 12 days—and currently stands as the 50th … Read more

‘It Really Is the Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done’

Getting in shape to play the role of Spider-Man isn’t always a good time, according to Tom Holland. The actor revealed in an August 2021 interview that his training regimen for the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home included Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), which uses electrical impulses to create muscle contractions. EMS is often used in … Read more