The “non-resemblance” of this Idris Elba doll unleashes the madness on the Internet

Although it is close to ending, 2018 continues to surprise us and leave us gifts such as the recent doll that the company Emperis has launched of Idris Elba … or at least someone who should have been him. After being named the sexiest man of 2018 by People magazine, Emperis wanted to commemorate him … Read more

Idris Elba is proud that Bloodsport sent Superman to the hospital and would like to see that moment in a movie

The DC comics universe is quite extensive, with endless possibilities between the different lands that have been created, as well as encounters between superheroes and villains. His passage through the cinema or television has meant for the public the possibility of meeting many versions of Batman, Superman and the occasional Wonder Woman, giving a space … Read more