Maid | “Things to clean”: all about the new series that competes with “The Squid Game” on Netflix | Streaming | | SKIP-INTRO

According to the criteria of Know more Although its premiere in Netflix was overshadowed by the fury caused by “The Squid Game“,” Things to clean “(” Maid “, in English) has not gone unnoticed by users of the platform and has become, after the South Korean production, one of the streaming giant’s most watched series. … Read more

The Lost Daughter , Squid Game ignite awards season with Gotham Awards nominations

The Gotham Awards have set the Oscar race in motion as one of the first awards bodies to unveil its annual list of year-end nominees — which, in 2021, includes two new acting categories that don’t divide contenders by gender. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s critically lauded awards hopeful The Lost Daughter — an adaptation of Elena Ferrante’s … Read more

Video game streamers open up about their lives in NFB/ARTE France web series

Twitch users can either just be a viewer or become a streamer and broadcast live, showing both their gameplay and themselves providing commentary onscreen. Users can also send each other messages and post in chat groups. (File Photo by Florian Olivo/Unsplash) TORONTO – It’s a subculture that’s becoming a thriving business model, social gateway and … Read more

As Global Streamers Hunt for the Next ‘Squid Game,’ Top TV Producers Are Doubling Down on International Drama

It’s “Squid Game’s” world, and we’re just living in it. That was one takeaway from a wide-ranging conversation held during Rome’s MIA Market on Saturday, as top independent producers met to assess the state of international drama and explore how hit series like Netflix’s Korean phenomenon are rewriting the rules of the game. More from … Read more

10 References To Western Movies That Can Be Found In The Game

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a beautiful and expansive video game. It also crosses mediums and contains many references (whether overt or subtle) to classic Western movies. This is nothing new for Rockstar. The beloved game developers are big on pop culture, and they have been peppering their video games with movie references for decades. … Read more

Reasons to watch ‘My name’, the new Korean Netflix series after ‘The Squid Game’

Netflix Debuts New Korean Series ‘My Name’ After Success Of ‘Squid Game’ Korean fiction is having a very sweet moment. Thanks to stories like ‘The Squid Game’ or ‘Startup’, the world is enjoying this type of television series. And Netflix is ​​largely to blame. Betting on different stories, now premieres ‘My name’, his new series, … Read more

Why Free Guy Is One of the Best Video Game Movies

The Collider Movie Club team also highlights ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ and ‘WALL-E’ as video game/technology standouts. Paid promotion for Movies Anywhere, which is introducing the brand new My Lists feature – organize and personalize your digital collection your way today using the Movies Anywhere unique algorithm or by creating lists all on your own. Visit Movies … Read more

Morpheus Dying in ‘The Matrix Online’ Video Game Probably Isn’t the Reason Laurence Fishburne Is Missing

The Matrix was one of the defining films of the ’90s, inspiring generations of film, television, comics, and video games for years to come. Now, two decades later, the series is finally set to continue with The Matrix Resurrections. Obscure as details are in the film’s single trailer, one thing it does promise is to … Read more

Retro-Cast: Casting Squid Game In The 1990s

With its pulse-pounding challenges, dramatic storylines, and intriguing cast of social misfits, it’s not surprising that K-drama Squid Game is one of the most popular series on Netflix. The sort of uncompromising social commentary it delivers around its dystopian subject matter isn’t unlike what could be found in ’90s Hollywood indies as studios moved away from … Read more