3 Facts about Henny Rahman’s feud with Larissa Chou to Ria Ricis, Private Confession on IG Leaked by Netizens: Okezone Celebrity

3 Facts about Henny Rahmans feud with Larissa Chou to

USAI The uproar of the feud with Zikry Daulay and Larissa Chou, now Henny Rahman is back into a public conversation. In the past, he had a feud with Ria Ricis and now the issue has been brought up again. At that time, Henny, who was still the wife of Zikry Daulay, seemed jealous of … Read more

5 Facts about Larissa Chou-Henny Rahman’s feud, Alvin Faiz’s stepmother also got involved: Okezone Celebrity

5 Facts about Larissa Chou Henny Rahmans feud Alvin Faizs stepmother

CONNECTION Not good Larissa Chou, Alvin Faiz’s ex-wife, with Henny Rahman getting heated. Apparently, the patience of Yusuf’s mother was getting out of control after the insulting message was sent to her, last Saturday, November 13, 2021. So how did the feud go? Here are the facts summarized Okayzone Sunday (11/14/2021). Receive SMS Terror Larissa … Read more