Megan Fox’s disorder

When we see Megan Fox it is inevitable to think of someone like her, a beautiful and talented Hollywood actress; however, there are times when people don’t think the same of themselves. American actress Megan Fox has confessed to having body dysmorphia in an interview. This statement leads us to think that it is a … Read more

Jada Pinkett Smith confesses that she suffers from an unknown disease

For some time it has been possible to see Jada Pinkett Smith, 47, wearing turbans at his public appearances. At first, you might have thought that this decision was simply a matter of taste, but the actress eventually has revealed that he suffers from an unknown autoimmune disease that causes him to lose his hair. … Read more

REVIEW: Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth show a couple’s fight against disease in Supernova

Supernova It features a same-sex couple who is coping with illness, but sexuality is transcendent. SEE MORE Samuel L. Jackson, Bradley Cooper, and Thirteen Top-grossing Actors in Hollywood Por Mark Kennedy NEW YORK, Feb. 3 (AP) .- The actors Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth They have been friends for 20 years and this is evidenced … Read more

Keke Palmer reveals the disease that causes a strange breakout of acne

The actress Keke Palmer decided to show his followers one of the side effects that polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) causes. Through his account on Instagram, he shared a series of selfies in which she appears without makeup to publicize her fight against acne for a year. The 27-year-old artist explained that after trying all kinds … Read more

from the “terrifying disease” to her big present with wedding plans

Matt Stroshane Shailene Woodley it is not the classic Hollywood star. Born in California, she started working when she was just 9 years old on the film Replacing Dad. Since then, his career has been on the rise, with great jobs in The descendants and The splendid present, and the popularity that the saga brought … Read more