Forbes declares Tyler Perry, the creator of Madea who lived on the street, a billionaire

His name may not ring a bell for many outside the US, but Tyler Perry He is one of the most relevant figures in the Hollywood industry. Actor, screenwriter, producer and director with dozens of television and film titles in his charge, Perry can be more familiar to us without thinking about his star creation: … Read more

Glenn. Abraham. Lori. Shane. ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’ creator talks about familiar faces returning to franchise

It is one of the ‘spin-off’ of the franchise that will see the light after the outcome of the original series in its eleventh season. Just finished the first season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond and the first half of the sixth of Fear The Walking Dead, we will have no more zombie franchise … Read more

Marvel Zombies live-action in development? ‘Kick-Ass’ Creator Responds – Movie News

After the zombie episode we saw in ‘What if…?’ fans have dreamed of a live-action of this same story, which could be happening according to Mark Millar, one of the most important comic book writers in the world. Mark Millar He is one of the most influential comic book writers in superhero cinema, stories of … Read more

Cowboys & Aliens Creator Says Studio Politics Killed Plans For Sequel

According to Cowboys & Aliens creator Scott Mitchell, it was a feud between Universal Pictures and DreamWorks that prevented a sequel from happening. Cowboys & Aliens creator Scott Mitchell Rosenberg says that it was studio politics that prevented a sequel from happening. It has been ten years since the release of Cowboys & Aliens, which at … Read more

Creator Economy Hires, Promotions, Acquisitions: Clubhouse, CAA, Snap

Hollywood moved deeper into the rabbit hole of internet culture this week. United Talent Agency signed a deal with Jaime Rogozinski, the founder of the Reddit forum WallStreetBets, to represent the entrepreneur and author. Rogozinski previously sold rights to his life story to RatPac Entertainment. And both UTA and A3 Artists Agency announced plans to … Read more

‘Chucky’ Creator Don Mancini Unveils 1 Major Plot line for the SYFY Series

The sinister doll from the Chucky horror franchise is returning to the small-screen in a new USA/SYFY television series. Child’s Play creator Don Mancini will return for the series, with Brad Dourif returning as the original voice of Chucky and Jennifer Tilly (Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, Curse of Chucky) as Tiffany Valentine. As … Read more

Child’s Play Franchise Creator Glad 2019 Reboot Didn’t Get Any Sequels

Child’s Play creator Don Mancini says that although he held no grudge against the 2019 reboot’s filmmakers, he was relieved that no sequels were made. Child’s Play creator, Don Mancini, has admitted that he feels relived that the 2019 reboot of the original 1988 horror film didn’t get any sequels. The most recent installment in … Read more

The creator of Mr. Robot prepares a movie for Netflix with Julia Roberts and Mahershala Ali | Spoiler

Who has not yet seen Mr. Robot from start to finish you don’t know what you are missing. One of the best dramas of recent television, from start to finish, was the one that created Sam Esmail and starred Rami Malek, before staying with the Oscar for his work in Bohemian Rhapsody. Time after, Esmail … Read more

What is ‘The Premise’, the peculiar first series as creator of the actor and screenwriter BJ Novak (‘The Office’)

Related news He started at Dunder Mifflin with a temp job, but Ryan ended up staying at The Office for eight seasons. What many fans of the series will not know NBC is that the actor B.J. Novak He was also a key member of the writers’ room of the remake American of the classic … Read more