3 Langi Characters, Workaholic Pregnant Women in Original Series Vision+ You Are Beautiful : Okezone Celebrity

3 Langi Characters Workaholic Pregnant Women in Original Series Vision

JAKARTA – Vision+ originals Cantik Ya Kamu which tells the story of the struggles of 3 women from different backgrounds with their own problems. One of the three women is Langi. Langi’s character, played by Tika Bravani, is a unique, inspirational, and relatable figure for some people. So, what is the figure of Langi in … Read more

Episode 2 Vision+ Original Beautiful You Are, This is the Story of the Beginning of 3 Main Characters Meet : Okezone Celebrity

Episode 2 Vision Original Beautiful You Are This is the

VISION+ The original collaboration with the beauty brand Soulyu Cantik Ya Kamu tells the story of 3 women who, with their own twists and turns, try to find their best version of happiness. This series stars famous actresses and actors such as Ariel JKT48 as Bea, Tika Bravani as Langi, and Windy Apsari as Millie. … Read more

Gomorrah 5, final season: when it comes out, the official plot, the characters, the cast. All we know

Gomorrah 5 final season when it comes out the official

The showdown between Genny and Ciro approaches. The immortal and the boss of Secondigliano will meet again after the alleged death of Ciro, revealed by the film The Immortal. Gomorrah 5 is now on its way. The next November 19, the fifth and final season of the series born from the pen of Roberto Saviano, … Read more