Fans remember Carrie Fisher for her birthday

Carrie Fisher went down in history thanks to her role as Leia in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope – 93%. From her first appearance in the George Lucas film, it was clear that the actress marked the princess with something of her personality and strength, and ended up giving us one of … Read more

Carrie Coon, the Hollywood star in love with Spanish and football

Although he has a long theatrical career that began in his native Ohio and led him all the way to Broadway, he earned an Emmy nomination for his brilliant work on the third season of Fargo and won Critic’s Choice for portraying Nora Durst in The Leftovers, the best for Carrie Coon is yet to … Read more

‘The Good Fight’s Carrie Preston Joins John Logan’s Blumhouse Feature Directorial Debut – nonenglishfeed

EXCLUSIVE: Carrie Preston has boarded John Logan’s untitled feature directorial debut at Blumhouse, which has been billed as a LGBTQIA+ empowerment movie set at a gay conversion camp. The project from the three-time Oscar nominee was previously known as Whistler Camp. Preston joins the already cast Theo Germaine and Kevin Bacon, the latter who is … Read more

John Logan’s LGBTQIA+ Horror Movie for Blumhouse Adds Carrie Preston to Cast

John Logan‘s directorial debut for Blumhouse has added Carrie Preston to its cast. In an exclusive from Deadline, the film, which is described as an “LGBTQIA+ empowerment movie set at a gay conversion camp,” is a first for Logan, who has been known for his work with Penny Dreadful. Preston joins Theo Germaine and Kevin … Read more

“Big and Carrie were greedy egotists,” says John Corbett, the Aidan of Sex and the City.

NEW YORK – My Big Fat Greek Wedding it was one of the most profitable movies in history. Independently produced, it cost just $ 5 million and ended up generating more than $ 360 million in the United States alone, to become the second-highest-grossing romantic comedy in history after Pretty Woman. That’s why everyone thought … Read more

her first trailer shows a kiss between Carrie and Mr. Big

From the moment it became known that a sequel to Sex in New York was underway there have been many speculations about what would happen in its plot. And just like that, title of the new production, was presented surrounded by unknowns such as what would happen with the absence of Kim Catrall in her … Read more

Netflix releases second season of the Sinner with BIll Pullman and Carrie Coon

Carrie Coon is one of the protagonists of the second season of ‘The Sinner’. Second season Bill Pullman repeats in front of the cast that this time he has Carrie Coon as a co-star instead of Jessica Biel “When does one stop being guilty?” Julian Walker (Elisha Henig) wonders back in the sixth episode of … Read more

Meet The New Hunk From Carrie Bradshaw’s “Sex And The City”: Boxer And Model | In Spanish.

Talk about a piece of bread. On Friday, a bakery worker was photographed holding a Carrie Bradshaw baguette, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, on the steps of the set of the “Sex and the City” reboot, “And Just Like That.” The Post may reveal that the mysterious meatloaf, dressed in tight shoes and exposed to … Read more

So what DID Carrie tell pals about the Royals? – nonenglishfeed

How fortunate for Boris Johnson’s ambitious wife, Carrie, that she has already had her long-awaited stay with the Queen, because there could have been much embarrassment during those moorland walks and barbecues at Balmoral. For I hear that an American magazine is about to publish a fascinating profile of Carrie that will allegedly include claims … Read more