Jennifer Lopez runs away in heels after being caught in a parking lot with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez runs away in heels after being caught in

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In photos: from Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s love shows to Nicolas Cage’s eccentric look

In photos from Jennifer Lopez and Ben Afflecks love shows

Grosby Group This weekend, celebrities took advantage of their days off to walk and enjoy both day and night. Whether in Los Angeles, Miami or New York, the paparazzi came face to face with several of the North American stars and could not avoid photographing them. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck continue to live their … Read more

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: the couple’s Christmas plans that include Jennifer Garner and her children

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck the couples Christmas plans that

As it happened for Halloween when they enjoyed walking through a private and closed neighborhood in Malibu, California, asking for candy at an event in which Jennifer Garner was, the couple of the moment in Hollywood will return to include the actress in their plans, but now in Christmas. Everything indicates that this 2021 the … Read more